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Hello all steemiens I want to intr0duce a project to you it's called PARKRESimage-3.png

PARKRES is an eco-system, which is designed with an idea to simplify our lives. With
the advancement of technology, everything has become so easily accessible at the same
time everything is so difficult to understand and sync in. A small thing such as parking,
which was hardly an issue in the old days, now it is such a rare commodity to find. To
find a parking spot is such a frustrating and time-consuming experience these days that
people often have to leave the primary task and focus their time and effort on this
unnecessarily important task. PARKRES is just about to change that.image-1.png

Some statistics based on research conducted in US, UK and Germany which makes it
even more important to have a system such as PARKRES to show some solution to these
ever-growing problems.

Challenges with Parking
In today’s world where a car has become a necessity rather than a luxury, parking has
become an equally important aspect of day-to-day life. Any place you travel, the first
thing to consider is parking apart from a gas station. With the population explosion and
more vehicles on the street than ever in the history of a mankind, it is becoming more
and more difficult to accommodate the traffic on the street. And so the parking places.
Many times people end up spending more time finding a parking spot than doing the
actual work they are out for. Parking spot has become a rare commodity especially in
the downtowns, city center, shopping complexes, marketplaces, theaters, stations,
hospitals, and office spaces and sometimes even at the airports. Finding a parking spot
at the desired location is a matter luck and a rare occurrence.
The scarcity of parking spots also gives rise to some other environmental and economic
disadvantages, which we seldom realize. People spend more and more fuel just to find a
parking spot than in actual travel. Also, looking for a parking spot in the crowded place
leads to accidents, which leads to frustrating traffic jams. People often have to drive on
lower gears to search for parking spots causing more emission of harmful gases in the
atmosphere, which leads to a rise in Co2 contents adding to global warming. More the
driving, more the consumption of non-renewable resources like fuel, more the emission
of gases.
Many times people end up parking in the no-parking zone in case of emergency hospital
visits. The patient has to suffer even more. Eventually, it causes further parking issues
and adds to the traffic woes around the hospital for other patients and ambulances. It is
a vicious circle.
Improved Parking Solution
• real-time parking availability,
• advanced parking reservation,
• advanced payment and navigation to parking.
• Notifications and updates about traffic congestion
• Alternate parking spot suggestions
• Parking airbnb system, to help reduce parking scarcity in the city
PARK is the official token for PARKRES ecosystem. Tokens can be used in 2 ways:
● as Utility Tokens and
● as Value tokens.
Utility tokens provide discounted parking rates to the token holders, when they use
these token. These tokens will be used to make the payment against parking and
reservations. To use PARKRES APIs PARK tokens will be needed. PARK tokens are
utility tokens as it is needed to use the PARKRES ecosystem and integration framework.

PARKRES is a project that aims to bring revolution in parking system and introduce
cryptocurrencies into your everyday life. At present, the growing numbers of people
who wish to integrate cryptocurrencies into their daily transactions still face too many
We believe that currently the parking industry is still operating on the generations-old
model and it needs a major change. This industry has remained aloof from technological
advancement for a long time.
We believe the step forward needed is to bridge the gap and remove the inefficiencies in
the system. Simultaneously help save the environment of its non-renewable resources,
papers wastage, traffic issues, accidents etc. and help people spend more time with
family and less time on finding a parking spot.
Mobile Wallet and PARK App
A convenient application for managing all of your utility or dividend tokens.
The mobile wallet will be inbuilt in PARK Application, which will allow the user to manage
parking system and their reservations. PARK app will be available on Android, IOS and Web
based interface.image-2.png
Token symbol: PARKRES (PRS)

Standard: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Number of issued tokens: 200 000 000 PRS

Tokens available for ISO: 85 000 000 PRS

Private sale from may 1 to may 30: 10 000 000 PRS

Pre - sale from 15 to 15 September: 20 000 000 PRS

Public sale from November 1 to November 30: 55 000 000 PRS

The following bonuses are provided for investors. They will depend on the stage of sale.

70% bonus-Private sale
15% bonus-Pre-ICO
10% Referral bonus
Token price at start of sale: 1 PRS = 0,5 USD

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH Contact information

Web site:


Bounty VTT:










This is a great idea and good project, I will see how this project will grow in the future.

Thanks for that

great project review @jessibrown keep it up, i will be following you for more updates from you.

Thank you for that

PARKRES will make a great sense, parking has been a very challenging problem in some mega city and project like PARKRES will solve the issues

@cryptovally I agree with you on that, I hope this project can solve the problem.

When the is ICO for this project going to end?

@nwanne Pre-ICO will end on September 15 and the Main Sale will start on November 1-November 30

Great Article You Have Explained Well About The Project. Thank You. Looking Forward To New Updates

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