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Paygine is a well designed platform for all the individuals who are interested of using cryptocurrencies in our daily life. Paygine has special set of tools and a strong idea to bring crypto to the masses. Till now merely 1% of total population is dealing with the crypto. There is a strong possibility, if we somehow can attract others to the world of prosperous blockchain.

The most reliant method is to make an easy and fast environment where people really do want to use cryptocurrency without compromising with their security and privacy.

Paygine is offering its services on Fintech Businesses by making Best2pay payment gateway solution.

Best2 Pay is highly developed business idea. It has the good reputation in the market as BMW Financial services, Mercedes Benz financial services and many more great giants in the industry. It is well known for its
• Speed
• Simplicity
• Cost efficiency
• Safety
• Security

Digital currency is the need of the future. Making a strong impact is not so easy because it is vulnerable to cyber attack. Paygine will offer its services to most often used platforms for monetary transactions like malls, Retail shops and also on very small platforms where we can't imagine that this blockchain will be a part of everyone’s life.

Paygine is rapidly progresses towards its goals.

Step 1: Advertise and adapt the existing and successfully operating technologies as Best2Pay for launch in the European market under the Paygine brand, improving the existing API and laying the foundation for developing new services.

Step 2: Purchase Paygine Bank Europe and Paygine Bank Caribbean, create a currency exchange platform Paygine Crypto Exchange with multiple services.

Step 3
Organize operations in the USA and obtain an MTL license which will strength the overall perspectives of the project..

Step 4
Open branches in Southeast Asia and the US.
Thus producing a great chance where people can use the crypto without hesitations.

• Paygine already developed its services with under 1 year of testing.
• Paygine offers solid platforms for best financial services.
• A well known business face with better relationships in the market.
• A positive feedback on the cryptocurrencies review platforms.
Icoholder- 4 star
Icobench- 4 star
Cryptoconsulting- 9.2/10

• Paygine also secured its position in the list of most promising under International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain simply known as IDACB.

• Paygine will own their own banks thus it will receive great support from the customers. Thus Merging its IT system will create a better platform. As it enhances its chances to the success with well settled Future Vision.

Ignoring the existence of cryptocurrencies these days is no longer possible since they can have a major impact on the current financial system as a whole.

While working on the Paygine project we have discovered that cryptocurrencies are great at compensating the weak points of the existing traditional banking system. Thus helping to perform a better solution to the real world.

The ICO will be in between 26 Dec 2017- 17 August 2018.

Softcap - 850,000$ (Reached)
Hardcap- 3,000,000$
ICO public price 1 PGC= 1 USD with 5% discount.

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