Trade Pharma Network, a Revolutionary Multi-service Platform That Will Change Pharmaceutical Trade and Services

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Trade Pharma Network is a project that will provide a multi-service platform for the pharmaceutical trade and services. The project utilizes and integrates the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and even 3D drug-printing. With all of these technologies, the project will transform the current pharmaceutical trade and services.

A New, Fresh User Experience

As a multi-service platform, it will provide users with a new, fresh user experience. This can be achieved since the platform utilizes and integrates Blockchain technology and AI into the marketplace. The result is an efficient and effective website where navigation is seamless along with detailed descriptions as well as visualizations of various products.

Why Use the Platform?

There are many reasons why. The most important thing about the platform is that it helps build trust and transparency in the healthcare businesses, especially in its goods and supply chain. Another reason is that the platform offers better predictability to drug makers so they can manage their product supplies efficiently as well as preventing counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals.

Also, the platform interconnects things within the pharmaceutical trade and services. Thanks to its IoT and Blockchain technology within the platform, physical structures, vehicles, mobile devices, wearable devices, appliance, and even heavy equipment are connected, interact, and share data with each other in a global network using small yet powerful sensors.

Scalability and convenience are both important for the platform. Not surprisingly, the platform allows for up to 1 billion transactions per second. These transactions will be secured by the Blockchain and off-chain technology, allowing users to transact with one another without having to worry about their security. These features ensure that the payments are convenient for the users.

Users can also exchange cryptocurrency as well. There will be various cryptocurrency that will be accommodated by the platform. The platform will also issue its own tokens known as TXP. These tokens make transactions even simpler and more efficient for the users as they eliminate fees and can be used to purchase various services within the platform.

Lastly, the platform also promotes charity within the healthcare businesses. The platform allows people to connect with the causes that they really care about. Due to the platform’s cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to match Donors and Organizations with a decentralized payment system thus enabling the lowest payment available for those who are in need.

Growth Pool

To promote interaction and engagement within the platform’s pharma-centric community, the project team created a forum known as the Growth Pool. This forum is designed to facilitate communication for future ideas and potential partnerships for the development of the company. Within the forum, community members can use their tokens to contribute to the project’s growth.

Additive Manufacturing

One of the visions of the platform is to commercialize printed tablets. The platform aims to facilitate the 3D printing of drugs. Currently, the biggest hindrance to additive manufacturing is regulation and not technology. The technology already exists to make additive manufacturing possible. The platform envisions to create the necessary groundwork so additive manufacturing can be done in the future.

TXP Token

Trade Pharma Network will issue tokens known as the TXP token. The TXP token will be the platform’s inner currency. With the TXP token, users will be able to transact on the platform’s Pharmaceutical Marketplace. Token holders can save their tokens using a private wallet within the platform or send it to the platform to facilitate transactions.

TXP token will be built on ERC standard and supported by Ethereum Blockchain. There will be 1 billion TXP tokens in total. Each token will be priced at USD 0.07. The soft cap is set to USD 2.5 million, the middle cap is set to USD 10 million, and the hard cap is USD 20 million.

Token Distribution

The token will be distributed for different purposes. 35% of the total will be for operations, Growth Pool, marketing, and team expenses, 25% will be held by TXP, 23% will be for pre-TGE, 15% will be distributed for the Trade Pharma Network Team, 1% will be used as a referral, and another 1% will be used as bounty.


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