winkPark is a unique application for quickly finding parking with the help of other users

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WinkPark software solution was developed by SPARKING, which has been operating since 2017, and it was founded in Warsaw (Poland). All over the world, Polish specialists in the field of IT-industry have been recognized, so the head office of the project is located in Poland. SPARKING receives funding from partner organizations, and the development of its own mobile application winkPark was invested 400 thousand dollars. The team of SPARKING developers consists of experienced specialists in the field of IT-industry, advertising and promotion, graphic design, software development, business and information technologies.


winkPark is already a working software product that can already be downloaded for your mobile device running Android version 6 and below for free in the Google Play store ( Although the app is in beta, it is constantly being refined based on user feedback. In the near future, the development team plans to release versions of the application to run on Apple iOS and Android Auto. winkPark implements a simple idea to search for Parking within an ecosystem built on the model of social network and gamification. This advanced application works on the basis of geolocation, that is, downloads online maps from the Internet and uses them for interaction between users. Users will make a mark on the maps about the availability of Parking spaces for cars or on the streets. In that moment, as one or the other driver leaves the scene of the Parking, he informs the community winkPark. As a result, users will see the free space next to them, as before the occupation of the Parking space will look at the mark in the application. Thus, many users will be able to save their time, as well as reward other users for these simple actions with an internal token that will be used in the winkPark application.

WinkPark platform will use GPS and work online around the clock. To do this, the application will be implemented two main purposes:

  1. Find with the help of an interactive map the free places where you can Park your car;
  2. Order a reservation for a Parking space and take it after release by another driver.


WinkPark developers have built extensive plans for the future development of the platform. Namely, the second quarter of 2019 will be the start of the system of payments with the help of an internal token, which was named TalaR. This token is used to make the payment, as monetization of your wait until another driver who booked this place arrives. In addition, with the help of TalaR, you can make donations to other drivers, participants of the winkPark ecosystem, in gratitude for the fact that they helped to find a Parking space. It should be noted that within the framework of the platform there will be a free market, where drivers themselves will set the cost of remuneration for waiting or a special fee for choosing a certain driver. It is planned to integrate the platform with the Internet of things (IoT) in the fourth quarter of 2019. And from the third quarter of 2020, the developers of this platform plan to release their own TalaR cryptocurrency for transactions, and old tokens will be excluded from circulation, and they can be exchanged through a special exchanger inside the winkPark ecosystem.


At the moment, the application winkPark is in development, but now the basic functionality is functional. The following elements should be highlighted here:

  1. Users can put free Parking spaces on the digital map;
  2. Display notification that a nearby driver is going to leave the car Park;
  3. the basics of gamification functions: the number of “ives”, the accrual of experience points, the display of driver icons that visually move around the map;
  4. Implementation of the functions of the social network, namely: virtual reflection of emotions (for example, wink, give five) in relation to other drivers, subscription, like;
  5. Search service in the winkPark platform database of other drivers and registered vehicles.

In the end, the idea of winkPark platform is quite interesting, based on social interaction, which is an effective means to achieve success. After all, such applications that report congestion, air quality in the city and others are functioning successfully.







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