The Twilight Coin project presents a decentralized crowdfunding-based platform for anime creators and fans.

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Japanese anime art form is becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. Sales volumes according to 2016 data for anime producers amounted to $18 billion. At the same time, sales outside Japan in 2012 reached values of 2.2 billion dollars, although according to the 2016 report, they increased to 7 billion dollars. According to the analysis of this market, a clear trend towards future growth was revealed.


The paradox of the situation in anime industry is that, despite the overall growth of fans of this animation, a separate Studio or the creators continue to work in difficult conditions, as there are often no moral and material incentives to continue their work. The continuation of this negative trend may affect the creative crisis in the industry and affect the slowdown in overall growth and promotion in foreign countries.


Twilight Coin developers are confident that the way out of this difficult situation can be found through the introduction of blockchain technology in the anime industry. The creators of their animated masterpieces will be able to offer their works directly to their fans (C2C: Creator to Customer) with the help of a decentralized platform that will connect producers and admirers of anime without intermediaries.


Twilight Coin platform for each type of participants is ready to offer its clear capabilities. The creators of the anime will be able to receive financing using crowdfunding, to start producing content they will be in a more comfortable environment, and if successful, your product will get a good reward. Anime fans get a platform to watch anime, will be able to Finance their favorite projects and creators with the purchase of digital tokens (DIT), will enjoy the growth and diversity of various anime projects. Distributors will be able to organize a channel in each country for the legal distribution of anime content through the purchase of digital licenses from the creators.


This platform offers a variety of anime studios and individual creators to collect funding for their creations through crowdfunding. To implement this, the project developers have provided for the existence of three types of tokens. The first and the main Twilight Coin (TWC) token, which is sold during the ICO procedure (learn more and participate in the ICO on the official website of the project). To participate on the platform, content creators make a Deposit of 2000 TWC ($1000 at the ICO rate), buying TWC tokens on the ICO or on the free market. This Deposit will be frozen for 18 months. At the same time, they publish their proposals, the first sketches for the project, communicate with the community, which for several weeks has the right to make its own opinion and evaluate every future creation. If approved by the community, a crowdfunding process will be created in the form of ETH collection. In case of successful receipt of funding, the collected funds are issued to the creators of the parts. First, the authors make the first film or the first series of their project, the name of the right to only dispose of 50 percent of the funds collected. Other means the creators get after the approval of the community. The authors publish the results of their works in the course of their work, and within the framework of the platform feedback with fans is organized. Thus, the community itself ensures that the collected funds are spent as intended, namely the creation of anime products.


The second digital token that the content creators themselves create on the platform is the DIT asset, which the authors have the right to send to fans as thanks for supporting their project. DIT is a digital property in the form of autographs, drawings, audio data, entrance tickets, rare digital objects and other things that are downloaded and stored directly in the blockchain database. In the near future, the project developers plan to launch a decentralized exchange, where fans will be able to freely trade digital goods DIT, which will necessarily have its value.


In addition, the platform will implement a mechanism for the secondary use of authors creations through the introduction of the third SUT token. Due to the fact that the creators will be able to transfer the right to fans to use their creations to create on their own basis in the form of fan art, cosplay, Dojin events, meetings and other things. The Creator betrays SUT tokens as consent to the secondary use, thus it will be possible to determine the misuse of copyright property in the absence of SUT tokens from the fan.








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