SWINCA real-time real estate investment platform based on blockchain technology

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SWINCA is a new blockchain project that deals with high-yield real estate investments. This platform will seek to make a simple set of tools that will be aimed at ensuring that anyone in a simplified form could buy a variety of property from around the world. On the facts, we can say that SWINCA seeks to speed up the procedures of transactions and remove the barriers imposed by the legislation of other countries, including the requirements for the passage of the KYC procedure. In addition, SWINCA has a user-friendly interface that helps to generate income from investments quickly, while the investment user will be able to share investments in any kind of real estate that he chooses. All information is stored in reliable databases that will be stored on the blockchain. The client will be able to easily replenish his / her internal wallet with the help of cryptocurrency and Fiat funds thanks to the SWINCA Bank payment system. SWINCA Bank has a payment license in Estonia, and is supported by a variety of financial professionals who carry out regulation that complies with the legislation of electronic payments, KYC and AML.


There is no minimum investment threshold, so users can easily increase their investments, as they will be automatically transferred income from the lease or from the growth of the value of a property around the world.

The creation of the SWINCA platform is due to the fact that there are many problems in the real estate market. Difficulties with investing arise because there is no liquidity, the conclusion of transactions is too expensive and takes a lot of time, restrictions on the client's belonging to a particular country or group of countries, time-consuming legal difficulties in the preparation of documents, the complete absence of the opportunity to invest in part of the property, too high a threshold of entry The situation is also aggravated by centralized monopoly organizations of notaries and brokers, who have to pay more money for mediation services.


The way out of this situation and the solution to these problems is the tokenization of assets from the real sector of the real estate market with the help of blockchain technology. As a result, any investors (whether large or small) will be able to participate equally in common large investments easily and quickly. Thus, the real estate market will create the necessary liquidity for economically profitable and instant transactions. Thanks to the blockchain, transactions are completely transparent, that is, now any investor will be able to track information and past transactions for each real estate object (past transactions, profitability, cost estimation, etc.), thereby making more thoughtful decisions to obtain maximum income.


The goal of the developers is to build a multifunctional platform that will work all over the world. Any user will be able to choose a certain share in the building, apartment, land and other, thus it will be possible to create a personal investment portfolio, diversify risks and easily manage it from one place. At the same time, innovative approaches within the decentralized ecosystem will be able to provide the most profitable investments. In this case, the income can be paid in the form of an internal SWI coin. With the growth of the user base, the value of this coin will increase, and it will be actively used on the platform.


Among other things, SWINCA plans to launch an eco-friendly decentralized POS-network for mining with a worthy reward in the form of SWI for each Mastretnode, which will support the operation of an open network where transactions will circulate.

Website: https://www.swinca.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RHBWSafaQ56PvWyNvNcNtKcJwPOuRjS8/view

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Swinca2

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