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The volume of e-Commerce market is growing every year, and its total capitalization in 2017 amounted to 2.29 trillion dollars. According to forecasts, by 2020 this market will reach $4 trillion. In this case, it is the integration of blockchain technology into this market that can serve as the impetus that can accelerate this growth. At the same time, blockchain is inextricably linked with the growing cryptocurrency market. Although at the moment this market is not in the best position, and its total capitalization has decreased to $150 billion, but in the future, according to experts, it can reach $2 trillion.

Blockchain technology was able to reveal two main problems of traditional e-Commerce tools: too high fees and the use of users personal data for commercial purposes or illegally. In the case where the platform has a centralized model, it is very expensive to maintain, as it is constantly required to maintain the infrastructure in working order and pay for the services of numerous intermediaries. As a result, customers are forced to purchase goods or services at inflated prices, and sellers deprive themselves of the lion's share of profits. Blockchain technology and smart contracts come to the rescue, which exclude intermediaries from the ecosystem. At the same time, retailers and sellers do not hesitate to use personal information of customers, which is processed by effective algorithms that analyze your purchases, remember your visits, analyze the visited pages of goods, and then offer recommendations for buyers based on the analysis. As a result, sales are growing by leaps and bounds, and users are not properly rewarded for their loyalty and providing the necessary data for processing. Existing customer reward systems based on bonuses and discounts, in fact, do not provide real benefits.


At the same time, the problems are also directly related to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. First, to start working with cryptocurrency you need to spend some time to study the main features, which causes difficulties in their mass application. For successful implementation in the broad masses of the population, it is necessary to develop a simple and user-friendly application interface built into various devices that is used for e-Commerce. In this situation, an example is the great success of the Windows operating system, because in this case the user does not need to know the technical or software part to use this program. Secondly, there are no real and easy ways to spend cryptocurrency now. In this case, the obstacle to use as a means of payment for such digital assets is high volatility, and the majority of the population prefers stable Fiat funds, for example, using Visa and MasterCard payment systems. Third-party blockchain applications are forced to prescribe certain restrictions when using cryptocurrency. Thirdly, the problem arises for new users who want to engage in mining. Cryptocurrency mining is now limited by the computing power of your hardware, and as a result, in the case of Ethereum or Bitcoin, the cost of maintenance, electricity, and computing power exceeds the amount of money generated by such activities.

To solve the accumulated problems in the e-Commerce industry, Plaza offers software and hardware tools with a user-friendly interface and design. Now users will be able to make online purchases quickly and safely, as the platform will issue its own debit card. In addition, developed an interactive smart column PlazaConcierge, which is also a secure wallet for storing cryptocurrency mining and miniature farm, which will produce inside the blockchain Plaza MerchantChain coins for transactions PL$ and a utility token in the PLAZA all day. At the same time, it will be possible to mine coins on personal computers, mobile devices, as well as on IOT (Internet of things) devices with low power consumption. Mining is carried out on the basis of the algorithm reputation (proof-of-reputation PoR). As a result, anyone who may not be familiar with blockchain-based protocols and payment features will be able to easily use the platform for additional earnings or to pay for purchases. Thanks to the PlazaCard debit card, each customer will be able to quickly spend the internal digital dollars of the PL$ platform to conduct financial transactions in everyday life. The technology of the blockchain and confirming the SSL certificate AURA for each of the parties will keep your personal data and eliminate fraudulent actions. Members of the platform have the right to make purchases anonymously, that is, without revealing their identity. At the same time, to comply with the legislation on consumer protection identification is required to pass each seller.

To ensure the proper level of stability, reliability and sustainability PLAZA is created on the basis of a decentralized concept with a high level of scaling to withstand any number of users in the future. The platform supports extremely fast transactions, the number of which reaches more than 15 thousand per second with a confirmation time of less than 3 seconds. The participants of the PLAZA platform are: Fund, consumers, sellers, arbitrators, miners, chats with bots. The functioning of the project is based on mutually beneficial interaction of all participants with each other. It is worth noting that the team of this project has created a single ecosystem Plaza Lifestyle, through which sellers will be able to create their own loyalty systems for their customers. In addition, to ensure access to the capabilities of the platform were created by the application PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile that provide an unforgettable experience of online shopping. Applications have a number of advantages, including a quick meta-search on e-Commerce sites, anonymous browsing, small transaction fees, personal assistant based on artificial intelligence, the ability to mine coins.


The economy of the platform is built on the use of two different cryptocurrencies that will ensure the proper operation of the platform. The main token is the PLAZA of the ERC-20 standard based on the Ethereum blockchain. PLAZA will possess the proper volatility to trade on the exchanges and within the platform at market price. In order to protect against possible fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange rate and for use in third-party e-Commerce markets, Plaza has created a stable Fiat dollar-backed PlazaDollar (PL$) coin, which is used strictly for transactions within the Plaza ecosystem.

The Plaza project boasts a unique team of developers who have over 12 years of experience in the field of e-Commerce. During this time, they were able to make commercially successful projects in the field of online trading and financial technologies.








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