Orichalcos is an advanced blockchain-based platform for digital asset management, content and delivery of rewards

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Orichalcos is a platform with integrated blockchain technology that allows its users to manage their digital assets on their own. Orichalcos is ideal for creating a system for managing your assets and reward programs, particularly in a variety of games. At the same time, certain access rights will be registered on the platform, which will work on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain to ensure the highest level of security, scalability, energy saving, combined with significant savings on financial flows and commissions. Orichalcos invented a unique decentralized ecosystem that operates on the basis of double chains that instantly cope with any volume of incoming transactions from the platform participants.

The following participants should be distinguished on the Orichalcos platform: consumers and service providers. Consumers will promote the economy of the ecosystem through the active provision, use of services and digital content, including the provision of money through the sale of their own photos, music, videos, posts in social networks, items in online games and more. In addition, consumers will be able to receive additional profit, as there will be specialized auctions of digital content, in which each participant of the platform will be able to participate. In the end, each consumer will be able to create their own extensive network to distribute their content, support their fans or entrepreneurs who are interested in quality content. In the end, through the platform, you can create a system of incentives and rewards for various users, which can act, for example, as a loyalty program.

Suppliers will be able to publish their own projects and promote them with the help of innovative solutions Orichalcos, while they will be able to receive qualified technical support, using the services of the platform. Orichalcos algorithms will accurately track the mood of consumers, adjust to the needs, thus effectively promoting products and services of suppliers. The algorithm will act on the basis of targetirovanie technologies through a variety of community, social networks and directly to users. Thus, the main motives of users behavior for the provision of quality services will be predicted.


ORICHALCOS VISUAL WALLET (OVW) is an application (including in the form of a mobile application) to access a convenient and secure wallet platform Orichalcos, which is characterized by multi-functionality. Here and payments, archive transactions, actions in social networks, access the auction house, the customer support center, the internal exchanger, monitoring the balance of a purse and automatically calculate commissions for payments.


The Orichalcos platform will use the now popular concept of using two tokens, one of which is stable, works inside the platform and is tied to the Fiat currency. Stable coin is called ORIC STONE, it will be used as a means of payment for useful actions on the platform, namely games, creation and sale of media content. Transactions with this coin are almost instant, with minimal fees and as secure as possible. In addition, on the platform of Orichalcos released the token, USING a standard ERC-20. The ORIC token will be traded on third-party exchanges and can also be converted to another real currency, including ORIC STONE. USING a token is useful for users who bought a one-off service on the platform of the Orichalcos, and are not permanent participants.


Website: http://orichalcos.io/

Whitepaper: http://orichalcos.io/wp-content/themes/oric/pdf/20180907-Orichalcos-Technical-Paper_v1.0.6_en.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrichalcosOrg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OrichalcosFoundation/

Telegram: https://t.me/BizOrichalcos https://t.me/Orichalcos_official

ANN: https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/113992-annico-orichalcos-platform-with-self-stabilizing-property-governance/

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