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Many have noticed that in the Wake of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, interest has grown, and there was a huge number of different blockchain projects that decided to collect to Finance their bold ideas using the ICO process (Initial Coin Offering), since in this case the creators go by the precepts of decentralization, so that their coins belong to numerous users. On the other hand, not all bold ideas have large investors who are willing to contribute to their project. In such circumstances, there is still no universal platform that would provide services for direct support and conduct of the ICO procedure.

CoinFast the company has set itself the ambitious goal of creating the best on the market payment solution and service for the procedure ICO. Thanks to the software solutions of the team, users will be able to make contributions to their favorite projects safely and without unnecessary problems. The developers have created a special payment gateway through which projects will be able to accept more than 80 cryptocurrencies and Fiat funds (USD, EURO). As a result, CoinFast aims to become a leader in the industry of blockchain projects, where all the necessary tools for the rapid launch of ICO aimed directly at the target audience will be created within a single ecosystem. Thanks to this platform, the chances of successful collection of the necessary funding are significantly increased. Of course, the platform works directly without the participation of intermediaries and third parties, as transactions on the platform are carried out directly to each other within a single blockchain. Therefore, we can safely say that CoinFast offers a fully automated secure solution for the promotion of various projects.


For the work of users on the platform, a unique fully customizable software solution in the form of a toolbar was developed in order to make the launch and participation in the ICO extremely simple and comfortable. For users implemented an elementary method of registration, including through social networks. The software shell supports many languages and has a friendly intuitive user interface. Anyone will be able to invest in the ICO project with a few simple steps, and it will be possible to pay in various Fiat currencies (USD, EURO) using Bank cards and transfers, as well as in a more traditional way for ICO, since the platform will support payment by leading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Dash, etc.).


The CoinFast platform supports built-in simplified mechanisms for passing KYC procedures that fully comply with the requirements of regulators of the United States, the European Union and other jurisdictions. In addition, prior to publication on the platform, each ICO project will undergo a comprehensive audit and KYC procedure to ensure the quality of the project and the absence of fraud. In particular, developers will be checked for compliance with truthful data, smart contracts will be audited, the white book and more will be studied. To ensure security on the platform, all necessary measures will be created with the help of blockchain technology to ensure security during the token sale.


CoinFast has created algorithms through which platform users will earn if they hold an internal CFS token. In gratitude for this, 50% of the income will be distributed among users, which comes from the commissions that are charged for the execution of transactions on the platform. The platform's revenues will also be generated through the purchase of various statuses for participants who intend to conduct their ICO. Including a free option (Free) or the most expensive for almost 5 thousand dollars (Enterprise). Each option provides additional services provided by the platform, including significantly reducing the fee for Fund-raising. Including the presence of built-in KYC, support services, marketing services, etc. Thus, the necessary flexibility of the solutions for different kinds of projects is guaranteed.







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