BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency platform VibraVid, which improves the industry of digital content

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The developers of BeatzCoin create a unique platform VibraVid, where users can freely consume digital content of all kinds. VibraVid is created as a resource for promoting content produced by creators (video, audio, photo) and bringing it to the consumer. The purpose of creation is written as a direct interaction with users and creators in order to develop an effective strategy to increase the personal audience, which ultimately in the short term will contribute to revenue for all project participants.


VibraVid aims to deliver content directly from creators to users, thereby eliminating the presence of intermediaries in the form of record companies, labels, physical media manufacturers, banking organizations, a result, internal reserves for revenue creators of content will be significantly increased. Within the framework of the platform, it will be possible to view or listen to a variety of digital materials that were created by artists, bloggers, musicians, including using your PC or mobile device. The authors of the media content and users will be able to earn and then spend through the marketplace Internal BeatzCoin tokens within an honest and understandable system.


On the platform VibraVid will also be an opportunity for developers who will be able to carry out the necessary manipulations with the content, namely to upload it to the platform, store it, sell it with the ability to make profitable offers for users or rent it out. In addition, the system will be implemented for the promotion, creation and sale of content with the help of crowd funding, the acquisition of tickets for concerts, festivals, public events for fans, subscribers, distribution of prizes and mementos within the loyalty system and much more.

In the future, BeatzCoin will become a full-fledged cryptocurrency that will feed the VibraVid platform for transactions, that is, content producers and users with the help of this cryptocurrency will be able to directly exchange with each other for a variety of services, goods, merchandising products, various rewards, awards and so on.



Token BeatzCoin running on the platform of Tron. Network Tron has all the desired characteristics to use for the project VibraVid, as it has high speed and efficiency execute transactions with low commissions fees. In addition, the Tron platform supports compatibility with many other services, platforms, wallets and exchanges. The developers of the project BeatzCoin has the proper qualifications and optimistic about the development of the digital content market, as it has extensive experience in the field of financial technology, marketing, application development, IT-industry and content licensing.








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