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Imusify - Completely decentralized music platform designed to help performers get a fair income from their creations, and also to unite the creators and consumers of content in one modern, convenient and independent music service
Unfortunately, at the moment the world music industry is absolutely imperfect, and it does not meet modern requirements of the music community. The rapid transition from the classical running of the music business to innovative digital media technologies naturally led to a noticeable drop in profits for musicians and creative people. The modern music industry, aimed solely at the making profit, has partly lost its effectiveness in terms of developing real creativity, giving preference to quantity rather than quality of performers. The low level of transparency of the internal processes in the music industry has led to the fact that many performers and producers' centers bear tangible loss of profit, and the authors are struggling to restore their rights to the works created by them. At the same time, musicians are desperately trying to get their earned earnings, while the media holdings continue to establish a kind of monopoly on receiving interest on the income of one or another performer and his creative repertoire
Despite the fact that the music art as a whole has become much more accessible to patrons and ordinary listeners, nevertheless the connection between all the participants in the process - musicians, producers, sponsors and listeners every day becomes weaker, depriving them of the opportunity to effectively cooperate and exchange resources and ideas for the benefit of the whole industry


Service offers the only true solution - the creation of an autonomous and automated database. This is an absolutely decentralized base of the music industry
The platform uses high-technology resources, certain technologies and protocols in order to create the closest relationship between the potential listener, performer and other interested parties
Imusify eliminates the need for any intermediaries, guaranteeing and ensuring the security of all internal processes, stimulating its users with interesting rewards and a system of bonuses. All processes of internal communication are established, and inefficiency is excluded altogether!

Intellectual music industry

The Imusify platform offers

  • Create or find your own music project
  • Support your favorite music artist
  • You can discover a whole new music
  • Create an individual themed playlist with your favorite tracks
  • You are in control of the whole process and can cooperate with those with whom you consider it necessary
  • You can get tickets for the concert of your favorite artist before others. Or you can pre-buy exclusive tickets at a pleasant price.
  • You can receive rewards for any effective and creative ideas that you can offer for implementation on the global music platform Imusify

IMU - internal platform token

Tokens are used to promote the multifunctional economic base Imusify , being the guarantor of this decentralized system. This is a very valuable and integral payment tool for the entire global Imusify system. The project team has long developed a reward system. Using the IMU token,it will be implemented. The internal token will be used as an incentive for participation and an active position on the platform, as well as being the main crypto currency for conducting the transactions, exchanging assets and paying for various services. With the help of the formation of strong transparent and reliable connections between all participants of the system, a global systematized autonomous ecosystem appears

Function of IMU tokens?

For a better understanding of the platform operation system and the uniqueness of its offer, it is necessary to understand what is the main function of the internal token of the platform. The IMU Token is the guarantor of the success of the project, as it is a constant and natural donor to support the functioning and development of Imusify . Being the main support of the global economic structure for music, the IMU token supports the platform, working to develop it and is increasingly strengthening and increasing its value and liquidity in the global crypto currency market

How can an ordinary user get an IMU token?

You can already now invest in the imusify project, which will contribute to the speedy development and launch of the platform itself. You can book a place in the whitlist by joining the platform. Like any solemn opening of sales, the official launch of ICO Inmusify involves a pre-sale period with the maximum possible discounts. Discount for the purchase of platform tokens will be scheduled in a clear, pre-determined period
Also, a system of bonuses and rewards will be introduced throughout the entire period of the sale of the IMU token. After the end of the grace period, the platform token will be sold at full price

IMU Token and Exchange

Very soon, the internal platform token will be available on the external stock exchanges of the world. This will allow you to easily purchase and exchange UMI tokens to other interesting currencies for you. In addition, the project team closely cooperates with other partners in the crypto currency business. This kind of partnership allows you to directly exchange a token for partner crypto-currencies and tokens

What is KYC?

The project team cares about the safety of its customers and the provision of the most reliable and secure service. For this purpose, the so-called "know your customer" process is introduced into the structure of the platform.
In order to avoid fraud, each user of the platform must send all necessary data about himself through a certain online form. Further all the information received is processed and monitored, verified for veracity and compliance with all established norms. The project team carefully stores all received documents, appreciating the trust of its customers. If you want to know more about this stage of interaction, you can send an appropriate request to the support team on the official website of Imusify .

At each stage of the interaction, you can contact the support service, which will gladly help you solve any question you have. For example, you will be able to explain to you how best and more convenient it is to get a UMI token if you want to invest in a successful and profitable ICO.

The basic concept of development

The main development path that the project team adheres to is the demonstration and development of the two main functions that the Imusify platform will provide. This is the use of an internal token platform and investing in it, as well as using the internal function of crowd-hosting, which involves the independent creation of a fund-raising campaign by any user of the platform, to continue to receive investment from campaign supporters or to finance its project as a whole.

The project team

The team and the main headquarters of the project Imusify is based in Germany, in Berlin. The most convenient way to communicate with the imusify project team is to use the internal online messaging service built into the official website of the project. If you want to change your life dramatically and become a part of the multinational successful and young team of the project Imusify, you should contact the project representatives through a special channel Discord
If you want to get more acquainted with the project, to study all the documents and stages of development of the project in the road map, you can easily access all the technical documents of the ICO. With the help of them you will find out what is the innovation of the music platform, the reform of the economic component of the music industry, why the music industry must fight for the rights of free artists and musicians. Imusify is an ideal platform, allowing the musicians to manage the commercial component of their creativity without problems!

Join the Imusify project now! Participate in the formation and development of ICO, becoming its investor, and therefore an official partner. Together with Imusify you can make a revolution in the music world, making the music market more systematic, profitable for all participants of the process, and therefore more fair

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