I dont know why I miss all the profitable ICO. You have done good by highlighting this point and your strategy. I will look to be part of ICO wisely now.

@cryptokraze thanks for the continued support my man

Good morning bro! That's a nice truck! I don t feel comfortable with ICOs but it seems some of them can make you rich!


@jwolf thanks again for the support, Maxupvoted. How ya been?

Awesome! Today is my father birthday man! Party here 😏

@jwolf nice, we should have an ICO party on steem 🍻🍻

Yes! Let me grow a little bit my SP to have the right mood!

Full 100% upvote and resteemed to my 1240 followers :-)

@lichblick thanks for the continued support bro! Maxupvoted.

I keep my strategy simple... Bitcoin and Steem. I guess I'm kind of a chicken when it comes to ICO's... the crypto market is volatile enough without getting spread too thin. I do wish I had gotten in on Ethereum, but hindsight is 20/20. Good article upvoted Resteemed & followed.

Maxupvoted thanks!

Great post. Upvoted and resteem this post) Good luck! Waiting for you)

I have to look inside the ico further, but first upvoted and resteemed :) Now I can read..LOL

Maxupvoted thank you!

Thanks @investor16 ! Also your strategy seems interesting for me, did not thought so far about ICOs even a friend try to convince me everyday to buy one ether to do an own not capped token :)

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@brothermic thank you so much brother! you have a legit following. Maxupvoted.

better play it safe...

Very nice post @inventor16. I am currently ICOed out. I have 3 more on my radar but think Ill just be in HODL mode otherwise and take a needed breather. The ICO process is exhausting and there are like 5 a day now. Lol.
Resteemed, Followed and 100% upvoted.
Feel free to check me out and follow back if interested. Im just a minnow, but am making my way to Dolphin as soon as I can by earning it with quality interactions as often as possible. Much respect to all at your level who think about us next generations of dolphins. Cheers

Great post.

Upvoted and resteem :)

I resteem this post.

Crypto currency is so feverish that I do not dare to buy or sell.

Thanks for the support!

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Nice post...waited for Tezos until the last minutes but still did not invest. Instead I found a much smaller one , made me happy!

Upvoted and resteemed to my 400+ followers.. Good item.. Yeahh I was also hit by the ico virus.. unfortunately way too late. put some money I could miss in 3 projects... all 3 are still at ico or below... sometimes I think why do I always know this kind of things too late... only one gooed thing is that I learned steemit being busy with crypto..

Thank you 2.. i thought you wanted to know which ico i participated.. in Total only for 0.3 btc.. So i Will not be homeless.. only invest what you Can miss And loose.

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It happened to me once! purchased when they freshly hit bitfinex, now they are trading at just .21$ :(
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High quality article @inventor16, thanks! So definitely upvoted and resteemed :-)

I totally agree with your strategy. To be honest I am currently sitting out all the ICO's. Not only because some are not capped, also because some have no working product whatsoever. Some are only an idea on (white) paper and that is just too tricky to me.

It's not about the idea, it about the execution!

@cryptotem I agree a lot of hype out there and vaporware.

Vaporware, cool term! Learning new stuff every day ;-)

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Investing in ICO is a good strategy. Multiple returns are possible. Trading is always risky only experts can do.

Excellent article, I only have invested in a few ICOs myself and only when the technology was there. Resteemed!

Pump and dump can give u high retrun , just have to play it, right look at tenx ico
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@vegeto yeah man, def can be played if it gets pumped, but no guarantee that would happen, and if it doens't your funds will be locked up for a long time or you take a loss.

Good post, Re-Steemed

Thank you for the info! :D Also, I love that pool & I am sitting on one of those chairs haha! :D

I like your logic of keeping to capped ICOs. I think it also makes sense to earmark a specific amount or percentage of my "speculation money" to go into ICOs that have teams behind them that I can trust. Got to manage the emotions when an ICO gets frothy.


There so many damn ICO's right now, it's getting nuts. I'll probably just pick up a few EOS. 🤑

You know me, I have to always comment on your posts. It's Savage 😎

P.S. What is considered a "dolphin" anyways haha

@stackin it's like an ICO a day brotha!

A dolphin in my book is like anyone with over 25k SP. But then it again it depends on voting weight. I'm maxupvoting my top 5 juicers. You can see that by hovering over the likes, it ranks by juice. Obv need to wait a bit to see how it all settles.

I better start Stackin my steem, I don't want to be a minnow anymore :)

hahaha were u ever a minnow @stackin? lol

Always a pleasure my friend.! ICOs will start dying down now.


thank you bro!

hi @inventor19 , Personally I like the ICO and think it will make me rich
transfered 75 eth to it
Resteemed this post

Thank you bro!

Thanks for the juice passing (sounds kinda dirty after typing). As long as there is quick easy money to be made, little regulation, and a hype train to cause fomo, new icos will continue to flood the market imo. 100+ followers and thanks for the amazing encouragement through your upvotes!

First, Congratulations @inventor16 for your BOScoin.

Yeah!! Your strategies are correct and safer to play.

Today's ICO's are totally controlling by Whales. Many tried for EOS & IOTA and ended up sticking their transaction on pending list because of the high gas paid by WHALES.

Maybe your point

"You can just wait until the new crypto coin hits the exchange before buying in.

may get them land on the safe harbor rather missing the whole opportunity.

I decided to stay out of EOS due to unlimited capping

Full 100% and resteemed :-)

I am about to jump on my first one --->

Hi and thank you very much
I have Upvoted and Resteemed your post to my 500+ followers
Much love and I wish you a lovely time

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Awesome post as always @inventor16. Had to manually look for you as I haven't seen you post articles for a while. I totally agree with your strat. I've been sitting on the sidelines myself ( maybe because I don't have money anymore to invest anyway lol ).

Resteeming to my 100 Followers.

That seems wise. Uncapped ICOs are in a weird spot, but capped ones show that the team behind the currency isn't just out for as much money as they can get... Smart idea.

Yep, with uncapped you're stuck with all the other big money players

Здравствуй хочу рассказать Вам о новой крипто валюте подробности здесь не пожелтеете. Да к стати интересная у Вас статья пожалуй подпишусь на Вас.

Thanks man @inventor16 learns new things from your post about holding thanks followed you for more similar post and need mentor ship of you because I'm newbie :)

Great article @inventor16. I found out about you just now and will follow you for more. Upvoted and resteemed to my 600+ followers. Cheers, @Finance2nomad

nice article you are good with your plans

Hi thank you very much for your kindness
I am your new follower
I have upvoted you and Resteemed to my only 72 followers I am new and I hope to gain more followers
Best Regards

Investing in an ico and holding your coins for sometime always return awesome profites very often. I am a witness. . look forwards to more of such write ups from you. I'm @eurogee

nice post, thanks!!

Indeed ICO is risky proposition but if you play it well you can get some profits 😎👍

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I think that some ICOs may recover pretty well after the 1st of August but most of them have been burned to the ground after the recent market events.
I'd stay away from ICOs for now.
Thanks for your advice and suggestions @inventor16

Your welcome

All that chlorine.....ouch - get to a nice beach amigo :-) Seriously, it's wise to point out the big boys have entered the game. Many hedge funds will be secretly investing in crypto too.

some nice strategy,great post

I never really was u to the ICO's like that.

A wonderful publication Greetings to you I wish you a beautiful day

Great article!!
Upvoted and follow!!

great info once again.

Thanks for the article, nowadays most of the ICO's are taking a hit as soon as they start being traded in an exchange, look at BNT, BAT, NMR and others which is ridiculous and it defeats the purpose of buying at the ICO

@helios definitely defeats the purpose for sure

ICO is always a profitable investment. people should save some money to invest in ICO. thanks for sharing @inventor16..

Your initiative is very good. I do not know much about that coin.

I will be following you

Honestly I am not a fan of all these new ICOs if anything I am I guess what you would term "piggy backing" off the currencies that are being used to fuel ICOs such as ETH. I have a feeling many of these ICOs are just cash grabs and wont be followed through.

A lot of vaporware yep!

follow me and i will follow you back.

I dont know anyting about these currencies as I am just plain stupid, but find them very interesting and keep reading. Maybe one day I will understand. I upvoted and resteemed not something I do very oftern so thank you.

These ICO situations are becoming crazy! :D I just want things to become a little more stable to be honest :P So what's your current favorite crypto?

Steem obviously :)

I like your choice :) I would have to say the same. Good job brother. I see you also joined only recently. This is my 17th day here on Steemit :) You are doing an awesome job! Keep things rolling!

Thanks man, trying to hustle and make as much steem while the competition is low.

Yes! That's a fantastic idea. Where do you see the price of Steem being in the next 12 months about?

I think it'll be over 10 within the next year.

Well that's something to look forward to :D There are so many decent opportunities out there, but the thing is, it can sometimes get a little over-whelming.. I think it's best if you see something with good opportunity (Steemit being a great example), we should dive in with 100% effort, and success is inevitable! :)

Glad we connected man. I just made my last post, so I am off to sleep :P Talk soon.

Informative post , looking for more good stuff

Nice article, I am a newby but will look more into your posts to learn.

Great post

Nothing worse than having ya funds tired up !

Nice post @inventor16! Upvoted and followed you to see more blogs :D

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