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My first one was EOS.

I tryed, and tested everything what I could at that time. I was very first who bought EOS tokens. Still have them. Only thing I regret that I bought a little of them.

Since then it went more then 10 times. Not bad for three-four month time !!!! Right ???

But I will tell you one thing, I will not do the same mistake again !!!

And ICO I am got right now is :


Coinstarter - ICO

Uniq - all ready have working products - will bring more ICOs under it's roof.

Very promising project !!!

I had invested good chunk in it. And I almost sure it will be great !


You can see how cryptocompare rates it !!!
Tense is rising !


I do not offer you any referral links or any code from which I am getting profits ....

So think by yourself !



Nice one !!!
resteemed my friend !!!

Thank You !!!

You welcome ;-)

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