🚀Announcing the 1st Blockchain based insurance company [ICO]🚀

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Today, we are wildly proud to announce the InsCoin for Knox: the first ICO that wants to establish three insurance companies based on blockchain technology. They will be the first ever to emit insurance policies both in smart-contract and traditional paper form.

To enter the future in insurance sector, InsCoin for Knox will rely upon Ethereum blockchain.

The InsCoin (INSC) ERC20 utility token will play a fundamental role in the companies economics.

The token will be necessary to acquire insurance policies from KNOX companies, and to start them under the smart-contract form from their Ethereum adresses. This way the policies will be absolutely transparent, safe and verifiable by anybody interested in their authenticity.

The three companies will be based in three different continents to broaden the token market, thus ensuring their value, support the development of companies and adhere to different laws.

We are already in contact with the regulatory bodies of Dubai, Bermuda and Portugal to obtain the corresponding insurance licences once the ICO is over. We can count on a team with several decades of experience in insurance company management, a network that currently boasts 300 brokers all over the world and several companies for the smart-contracts management.

Our token economy and Deflation Plan will be explained in the next specifically dedicated articles.

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Follow us to keep track of the upcoming updates and join us to take part in the insurance world revolution.

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good project

good project

good project

nice project

I like this team because it brings together the best specialists.

Lets see how big will be this project, ill keep in touch.

cool stuff

Looking forward to this hitting the market, litterally!



Cool airdrop

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Looking forward to this hitting the market, litterally!

Nice project guys! Keep up the good work

that's a great project.

good project

Good Job!

Exellent project !

good ico

Insurance policies both in smart-contract and traditional paper form, This is a breaking old system and a global for the future

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Hi project management team, I think the price ico you give is quite high, it will affect the many investors want to contribute capital to the project will have to pay attention. If possible you can tell me why you value the tokens at such a high rate. Thank you

good project,I like this team

good project

I see a great opportunity in this project....

strong team +good project

This is a project that can quickly enter, and such projects can quickly invest. This is a good opportunity to make a profit in the short term.

Very nice project

One to watch but it's not the first Blockchain based insurance company I thought there was inschain (Getx token).

good project

Finally, insurance on the Blockchain

very interesting project

Interesting project

This is what we are waiting for


Nice project ,will be on moon soon

Nice project....

Promising project

good project

Hi, cool that you are using Steemit too promote your coin.
I will follow and did a 100% upvote.
Best regards @EveryDayCoachdan icon.jpg

I think entering the insurance sector through the blockchain technology is a very innovative approach. The deflation plan scheme looks interesting too. Upvoted!

Great project, GO...