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The world is advancing and technology has more or less moved to the zenith. Technology has become part of our everyday life and activities. New initiatives and projects are developed as a result of technology. The old fashions are gradually becoming extinct. Because of this advancement in technology, there has been a lot of predictions into the future by many prominent people concerning the usual paper form of money. According to these "soothsayers", by 2045 the paper form of money will be of no use. They believe cryptocurrency, an electronic money, as the future of money which will be used for transactions.

This prediction into the future has attracted the ingenuity of some genius and has led to the development of fora where cryptocurrency which is believed to be the future currency and other relevant topics are being discussed to ensure free exchange of ideas which is the only way for us to see that future. Numerous fora have been created but Cryptotalk world stands tall and this is an undisputable fact. Cryptotalk forum is the latest and the most spiced forum of all the other fora. Cryptotalk world forum is a community of developers, academics, and entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting and advancing cryptocurrencies. A lot of coins have flooded the crypto market to meet the upcoming era but majority of these coins are scams. Bounty hunters, investors and crypto lovers always complain and have become fedup. But trust me this cryptotalk world forum is your number one crypto forum where the administrators are always at your disposal and guide members in terms of geniue ICOs. Cryptotalk world forum is build on anti-scam technology which checks and eliminate fake ICO's and give bounty hunters, crypto lovers and investors the best. Experts are there to ensure that the forum is free from fake and uauthorized ICO's and bounty campaigns. Moreover, Cryptotalk World rewards its faithful participants and ensure the appropriate rank is conferred on them.

For the best of crypto promotion, there is no other forum than cryptotalk world. Cryptotalk world forum ensures that bounty campaigns are grouped or sorted out based on the date the bounties are launched.

Fellow bounty hunters, for your information, there is an ongoing airdrop for members who join the Cryptotalk world. Join the airdrop now via this link;

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Hello @ikeman!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

I do want to point out that the Introduceyourself tag is meant to be used once only to introduce yourself to the Steemit community. You have now posted 5 times using the introduceyourself tag. Please see this link for more information on Tag Spam?

Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

Thanks a lot for alerting me. Am most grateful for that.

@ikeman resteem done and 75+ vote got from @abir97
Thank you for using our service

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Nice post. I love the forum. Hope I get the chance to become a moderator there

Exactly. I will encourage you to join now

Buenas noches. En primer lugar pido disculpas por responder en español, pero no conseguí otra publicación sobre que esté en ese idioma. Me gusta este foro e invito a la comunidad de hispanoparlantes a que se integren a la misma. Además es un foro que como su nombre lo indica es mucho más amplio que otros, y considero que el trato hacia sus miembros es excelente. Espero que sigan creciendo como comunidad y aspiro poder aportar mi granito de arena para hacer de este foro el más importante de los que existen relacionados con criptomonedas.

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