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I just wanted to provide some follow-up info on the recent Populous pre-ico that sold out all tokens , which caused them to close the pending ICO. The tokens supposedly will be disbursed to pre-ICO purchasers starting on July 9th , with instructions on how to claim coming soon via their http://www.populous.co/ website.

The first exchange to host Populous (PPT) is a small one going by etherdelta (https://etherdelta.github.io/#PPT-ETH). This is the same exchange where Veritaseum was first listed. Buy orders range all the way up to .00431 eth/ppt , a vast increase over the coin's pre-ICO price of .0011 eth/coin. If you missed on the (pre)ICO, this may be a decent opportunity before it hits a larger exchange. This crypto may exhibit signs of the "Clif How-High effect".


Ahhh the pre ico.
AKA the "can we ask for money before we ask for money please" system.

Here take my money and run run run or drive drive drive if you hate healthy lifestyle

Yeah I don't know why anyone needs a pre-ICO, but im still new to this "space".

Hi. Just found your post on it's 10th day but it does answer my question of which exchange can I buy PPT from on the 9th of July. EtherDelta. Much mahalo. Aloha!

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