What is IceChain?

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sign_50x50.pngWhat is IceChain?

IceChain is using next-generation distributed ledger technology which takes blockchain to the next level, IceChain aims to bring a solution to the current problem of scalability which traditional blockchain based networks are having. We can do this by using IceChain's double chain setup, sharding and hash power distribution. IceChain will handle over 100,000 transactions per second across any industry, from finance, electronics, electricity, telecommunications, food, autonomous vehicles, and real estate to name a few. This will save costs and provide the highest level of transparency.

sign_50x50.pngWho is building IceChain?

IceChain team is located in Macao, using the best developers available. The theoretical background for this new technology is brought by a development team that actively cooperates with professionals in all related fields. Macao is the place where innovation is considered a significant factor to the successful growth and sustainability of enterprises.

sign_50x50.pngHow the IceChain tokens (ICH) will be distributed?

There will be 1 billion IceChain tokens in total; 40% of these tokens were sold at private sale. 25% are reserved for future development and miners reward (once mainnet is live). 20% will be sold at public sale; 10% will be reserved for the IceChain Team. The remaining 5% will be reserved for bounty and rewards

IceChain official website and social media channels:
✅Telegram group:


I see many possibilities for this project. I'm glad to be a part of it.

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