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KYC plan, whitelisting and token sale announcement

We would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest in taking part in our ICO and ask for your patience while we ensure that the entire ICO process runs smoothly and fairly. We will update our page with announcements on any future detail that arises.
Please be advised that we will not be operating any type of pre-sale and if you see any reference to a pre-sale in relation to our ICO you should consider that a misrepresentation and beware. The public sale will not be cancelled and there will not be any type of ‘Dutch auction’ or be promoting any type of proof of care competition on social media or otherwise. There is no possibility that we would do anything that would encourage or facilitate any type of gas war situation.

KYC Timeline and Whitelisting

Our KYC process will begin on 01.11.2018 at 20:00 UTC and will run for 14 days (until 15.11.2018 at 20:00 UTC) . Please check back to see how to be included in the KYC process and we will outline the exact process in the coming days. Membership in IceChain telegram group will be necessary in order to participate in the KYC.
We will announce the public sale date of our ICO in the coming days and will be dependent on the speed of the KYC and whitelist creation. The projected date is 16.11.2018 at this stage. A fair lottery system will be used during the public sale due to the level of interest we have received to date and the limited nature of the supply of tokens on offer in the ICO.
There will be a personal cap used which will ensure the fairness across the board and over all participants. This will allow everyone that gains whitelisting the ability to contribute.
We thank all the support and patience from our strong and growing community. There will be a lottery system style approach which will act as mathematically fair as possible in accommodating tens of thousands of potential investors with a finite supply of initial coin.

The whitelisting process will be as follows:

Every person who completes their KYC profile with a positive effect will be included in the lottery.
For the assurance of personal contributions there will be 999 people whitelisted in total. The lottery system will be working where every profile which passes the KYC will be automatically entered into the lottery.
All participants who are whitelisted are put on a list and 999 people will be randomly selected from that list. There will be a random seed used for this selection process.
Any person that wins the lottery is considered to be whitelisted. This means that the less people who pass the process creates a higher personal cap for those who did pass.

Participation in the KYC will need to be done no later than the 15.11.2018 at 20:00 UTC. The entire KYC process will run for 10 days and no matter how many people sign up during this stage, it will not be stopped. There will not be any ETH requested during this process. In order to start the KYC process please visit our website to find the registration application. Once you have submitted this application it is considered as final and if you try to resubmit it the system will not affect the second process.

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