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RE: ICO Review Series #3: Monster Byte, am I betting on this ICO?

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This is very helpful! I'm new to investing in ICO's, and want to continue investing because I've made a sizeable return from one out of sheer luck.

I enjoy reading posts like this to help me get a grasp on how to gauge the legitimacy and worth of investment opportunities.

I'll be following future posts. ^ voted.

P.s. the ICO for the Skin coin (csgo/DotA 2 skins trading and betting) has already started, and their white paper had some of the same points you hit in this post. Any thoughts on this ICO?


Thank you for your upvote and comment.

Skin ICO has similar strengths in that they already have operation and are building an ecosystem for themselves. They are targetting a smaller (I believe 12 billion) industry compared to Monster who are targeting the whole pie.

The opportunity of B2C, B2B and profit sharing with Monster Byte siezes the deal for me, however, they both are great projects (in my view) in their own right. Some of the few ICOs that deal with existing real businesses...