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Hi Guys ! First of all, I would like to say that when reviewing ICO for the purpose of gaining access to the technology of the times and for those who are looking for projects to invest, ICO is a way to make money with horrible profit. all of you know I always bring you the information about good crypto related projects through my blog. So today I'm going to introduce you a new cryptocurrency project called #Cryptov8

Bringing banking to blockchain

  • Drag and drop between Crypto/Crypto and Crypto/Cash with instant payment and pay out
  • Universal wallet and unified account to hold all of your crypto and non-crypto financial assets
  • Person to person instant transfers and payments directly to family, friends or businesses in your contact list using only their mobile number or email
  • Debit Card to pay any merchant globally with crypto or cash. The choice is yours
    Income from Crypto holdings via seamless and direct access to Crypto Peer to Peer lending
  • Integrated exchange and gateway for dynamic transactions
  • Traditional bank preferential services and products for cash management and bank-grade security for fraud protection, password retrieval and hacking prevention


They have one of the best teams, each one's expertise not only complement each other but the experience they bring is extremely valuable. Team Cryptov8, absolutely all of its employees are working for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important. All the prototypes made by the Cryptov8 development team are publicly available, right now you can get acquainted and try out this system. The leaders of this project have tremendous experience in doing business of this kind and araw, certainly will succeed.

Jacob Christiansen
Chief Executive Officer

Jacob is a Fintech and banking professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Jacob has extensive global management and fintech experience with the proven ability to create high performing teams as well as develop and implement business, marketing and sales strategies that drive success and fast market share growth. Jacob has managed relationships and projects with some of the world’s leading banks including; Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, ING, RZB, Tesco Bank, Danske Bank, Santander, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole and others. He is a certified banker and holds an MBA. Most recently he has been specialising in Digital Banking transformation advising banks globally.

Jonathan Atkinson
Chief Information Officer

Jonathan has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years holding positions across delivery, management, implementation, consultancy, pre-sales and sales. His experience has been wide and varied, implementing at over 30 banks across Europe, Middle East and Africa and delivering digital and core transformation projects from a software, consultancy and infrastructure perspective.

Ian Rogers
Chief Technology Officer

Blockchain enthusiast, involved in cryptocurrencies since 2010. Over 20 years’ experience across Financial Services. Ian has held a series of roles at major institutions, including but not limited to JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, SAMA and American Express. Implemented, merged and migrated a series of banks; worked with the Singapore Monetary Authority to define their technology risk guidelines and has 16 years’ experience as a Managed Services, Operational Resilience and Business Continuity specialist.

Paul Miles
Chief Operating Officer

Paul is a banking professional with 30 years’ proven management and advisory experience in the industry. A chartered banker, Paul’s has held senior roles within a number of major financial institutions, with responsibility for operations, finance, risk, regulation, and successful business-led IT transformation projects.

Richard Wailes
Chief Financial Officer

Richard is an FCA (ICAEW) and a Member of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers. He had 15 years in Chartered Accounting in Melbourne and London covering audit, accounting and tax and SME advisory. He then moved into banking and financial services where he has worked for the last 27 years.

Phil Guest
Chief Revenue Officer – Ad and Partnerships

With a 30-year career in media, technology and telecoms Phil has been at the forefront of digital innovation in the advertising industry, across television, radio, print and digital media. An early entrant to online advertising in the late nineties, Phil developed ground-breaking communication strategies for many of the world’s largest advertisers.

Team consists of large professionals from different industries with years of experience. With the main participants you can see on the official website, where you will also find links to their personal accounts in social networks.


I think this is a great project with a good foundation and a unique concept that is extraordinary, Don't miss this very well developed project. The concept on this site is good and clear information. I advise everyone to pay attention to this team. Very interesting project. Super project with a great team! A strong team with good products on the blockchain field! so what are you waiting for, join the team and become good thinkers like them.

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