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Hi Guys ! First of all, I would like to say that when reviewing ICO for the purpose of gaining access to the technology of the times and for those who are looking for projects to invest, ICO is a way to make money with horrible profit. all of you know I always bring you the information about good crypto related projects through my blog. So today I'm going to introduce you a new cryptocurrency project called #Cryptov8

Cryptov8 is a banking platform that aims to bridge the gap between a crypto bank and traditional banking products and services using blockchain technology. Cryptov8 also aims to provide users with a convenient way to use their cryptoresources on the crypto market. Blockchain technology combined with the digital assets provided by Cryptov8 will lead to improved implementation and use of crypto-conversions around the world.

Advisory Board

They have one of the best teams, each one's expertise not only complement each other but the experience they bring is extremely valuable. Team Cryptov8, absolutely all of its employees are working for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important. All the prototypes made by the Cryptov8 development team are publicly available, right now you can get acquainted and try out this system. The leaders of this project have tremendous experience in doing business of this kind and araw, certainly will succeed.

Advisory BoardAdvisory BoardAdvisory Board
Paul Hanks James Channo Tony Craddock
Deepak Panigrahy Brad Marsh Alan Birch
Tom Christian Rupert Price Craig Martin
Mitesh Soni Simon Cocking Finastra

I have to link to your LinkedIn profile wall people in their group, if you are interested visit and see their experiences and information are public

My rating: 4.6/5


I think this is a great project with a good foundation and a unique concept that is extraordinary, Don't miss this very well developed project. The concept on this site is good and clear information. I advise everyone to pay attention to this team. Very interesting project. Super project with a great team! A strong team with good products on the blockchain field! so what are you waiting for, join the team and become good thinkers like them.

Users can get recommendations on how they can enter the crypto currency market from the educational materials offered by the banking platform. Cryptov8 offers a unique opportunity - the clients of the project will be able to use the experience of traders to create their own strategy of success. Now they will not have to deal with the problems of centralized banks, the lack of information on working with the crypto currency - everything you need can be found inside the Cryptov8 platform.

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