LIQNET not just another project...this is why

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What is liqnet all about?
Well, this should be an easy one if you have the whitepaper, but let’s give it a try.

LIQNET is a crypto exchange, which allows to unite liquidity from different platforms and solve the problem of scattering of users, their trading requests, and orders, thus forming a unified order book with better market depth and better prices for private persons and legal entities from various jurisdictions.
Why liqnet?
From The above definition, one can deduce that the Introduction of shared liquidity is an important Factor that distinguishes us from other cryptocurrencies the problem is pressing and discourages traditional traders from participation in the crypto trading, so the LIQNET solution is important for the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Another advantage of the project is the working beta version of the trading platform (Linnet Trading Platform).
There is yet to be a project that solves this prevailing problem, B2BX came up with a project and had an ICO November last year and till this day they have been unable to bring out the finished product for consumption hence ours.
Then Ingot offered to launch a stock exchange and a broker-service aggregating liquidity. The ingot is also at the idea stage.

How will liqnet do it?
As a matter of fact, this is even the competitive advantage posed by the project using this to distinguish itself as well as create a unique niche for itself in an almost saturated market.

The central element of the exchange and the main competitive advantage of the project is the Liquidity Exchange Network (LEN). LEN combines data on orders from multiple crypto exchanges and forms a single order book. With the help of LEN, users will be able to make deals at favorable prices with a minimum spread.

Is there really a valid problem?
My answer will be yes, an emphatic one at that because there seems to be a divide between the exchangers and the owners of the platform as to the sharing of the liquidity as a result of the transactions carried out by users of crypto transfer platforms.

Today, about 200 exchanges are engaged in cryptocurrency trading, but only about 50 of them have good volumes (an average daily volume of more than $ 30 million). Limitations on depositing and withdrawing funds together with low-level services slow operations. Rapidly growing demand remains unsatisfied. Retail FX / CFD brokers consider the lack of liquidity as a major obstacle
to the development of the crypto market, according to the survey published in the Finance Magnates’ quarterly report.

It, therefore, has proposed to solve the problem through the LEN-liquidity exchange network with the aid of the API because collects and aggregates data on purchase/sale from a variety of crypto exchanges and forms a single order book.
LEN aggregates orders in a single stream, so users can make transactions at favorable prices with a minimum spread. In the next year, the project team plans to connect top 10-15 exchanges. In the long term, there will be connected sources, for which users and new top 10 exchanges will vote.

I will, therefore, like us to identify the advantages and possible loopholes in the LIQNET project, having highlighted the basic attributes of the project.
On close observation of the project, you'd find out that the legal part of the project was well thought out.
There is a clear financial and business plan because Am sure they know the implication of not having one or a good one at that.
There is already a developed Beta version of the platform, enabling users to have a first-hand experience even before the project is properly out.
The LEN networks help to ensure that users are incentivized and make sure there is a balance in the exchangebotmf the token within the ecosystem.
The developers know the problems of the system and have developed a set of workable solutions to them.
The possible loophole for me thought is.
The social network or is not afflood with the adverts and jingles the coin and project as it should be. We can not underestimate the power of the social media these days.

For more information about the project, you can check the white paper or follow Liqnet on social media.

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