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It is always amazing to hear about new and exciting projects on the blockchain technology and what amazes me most is how innovative it has become and it is almost a whole new world out there waiting to be discovered and explored. For those who may still be a novice to the blockchain technology, I dare to say you are risking losing out on the future of the world.
Well, that said we are here today to talk about something exciting as always another innovative idea on the blockchain peculiar in its way.
So what is Kratos?

KRATOS will address the lack of trade finance for SME’s through a Token Curated Registry (TCR) process. Currently, SME’s must almost exclusively go through banks to raise trade finance. This is a long and cumbersome process, often delaying the trade lifecycle and significantly reducing trade profits.
A look at the brainchild behind this innovation will serve us a better purpose in our quest to understand this better.

KRATOS is a solution provider based on the blockchain technology and it was founded in Singapore last year and they have been working tirelessly to bring about this project. A platform where we can all sell physical commodities, shocking right?

I thought I told you it was exciting.


Like in the part of the world am from, over 80 percent of the economy is based on small and medium scale enterprises. I was opportune to carry out an academic research on the establishment of businesses in my area and what its impacts can possibly be, I was amazed by my findings but one of the ever-present challenges to these businesses is the access to trading finance either for startups or running cost.

The platform addresses challenges for the physical commodities trading business, in particular, the lack of access to trade finance for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) players in the commodities.

How does KRATOS help?

There is the TOKEN CURATED REGISTRY that will help in the administration and distribution of these finances to the SMEs.

As we speak now, thousands of ideas are dying as well as businesses that could have added spark and life to host communities no matter how small and insignificant they may seem, but think of it this way, the bank which is presently the only enterprise or institution with the money to see these guys off with some trading finance have killed so many of such ideas with their tedious and cumbersome procedures which feel like they are aimed at frustrating individuals, even though that is not the case.
With over 100 years collected in experience between the team that built this platform on site, trading commodities day today so is safe to say they have seen it all, the lows, highs as well as the loopholes in the system so much so to proffer an effective solution.

ARKRATOS’ management and advisory team have worked very closely with players in the physical commodities trading space to deliver an innovative and robust model for various players to both receive and provide trade finance.

The dream is not farfetched but that in three years, with the plan already in motion, KRATOS will provide SMEs a platform to facilitate fundraising for TCR processed qualified trades will become the hub for physical commodities and an ALIBABA based on physical commodities and blockchain technology.

The vision is pretty simple, be the epitome of the decentralized solution by 2020 and help the international community in the process because we all need each other to survive after all and trading is one thing that can never go extinct because we will always need what we don’t have and can’t produce.

Our focus is to make commodity trading a more transparent, less complex, and a less costly process by building trust and transparency within the ecosystem. This will be done by utilizing the latest decentralized technologies.

For more info on the ICO of the team and all else about the project check the whitepaper
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