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This by far should be my easiest or most comfortable project review I had ever got to write about more because personally, I am still in the process of getting to know my way around the whole bounty hunting scheme and how it really works.
Bountyhunters gave me a clearer picture and I can say am relatively in tune with the terms and how it really works.

For those who are still wondering what bountyhunter and bounty hunting is all about, let's look at it this way;

I am somewhere around Nigeria, western Africa and I really need to sell this state of the art Radio I made, that uses water to power itself, don't hold me to this please 😁
Well, my radio is done or halfway through and I think I need a little more resources to get it ready and most importantly I need people to know about this my radio so that when it comes out and is ready for the market words will already have been out and people are already expecting it.
But the challenge is, this radio is still in one corner of my house, waiting to be exposed to the world, how do I go about it?

Let's keep my Radio story aside for a few minutes and talk about something that will help me sell my Radio better.

Bounty hunter is a platform built on the blockchain that is aimed at promoting start-ups, ICOs that is a short form for initial coin offering for those who are really novice to it, as well as promote already existing companies using the Action Reward model.

Back to my radio now, I need to get the word out about my radio
The radio is the project on the blockchain and some are ideas with a proven research that it will work, as in ideas that my radio is actually going to run on water, some can be in the ICO stage where my Radio has started working to some extent and just needs more resources in persons and funds to get my Radio to the world.

Why bountyhunter?
Well, personally I have been on a couple of bounty platforms and believe me when I say I have, and I have a first-hand experience as to the hitches we meet in the way, like the inability to connect our social media platforms and keeping record of your progress is none existent in others but with this platform there seem to be an understanding of what bounty hunters want and ease is defined here.

What do you need to key into it?
Well, we all have social media pages.
Telegram and
Custom Blogs.
Linking these profiles with your bountyhunter profile you are good to go, and there will be updated on your progress as well as the tasks that are it to be done and if new tasks are added you'd be in the know and these tasks are divided into each of the categories listed above according to the social media platforms.
There is no other bounty hunting platform that is built on the blockchain and is decentralized as well as tokenized as well as bountyhunter.

Mind you...
This is not an idealized platform, it is functioning and running as we speak.
Here is a link to check it out andsign up

After gathering the market data and performing the analysis of numerous ICO's bounty campaigns the specialists of our analytical department came to the conclusion that most of the bounty campaigns were ineffective because despite the number of performed activities.
ROI and conversions of every activity were not possible to calculate, and the total volume of funds spent (on average 1-3% of the gathered funds during the ICO) formed a considerable sum, which simply disappeared in "pockets" of owners of the aggregated accounts, often not representing to the target audience a real value.
As we noted above, it's required to have a systemic approach to launch influencer marketing campaigns: our platform is initially built to achieve such objectives
You can also check here for more information
Get the whitepaper

You can also check all the social media platforms like and follow us.


Hello, you have a wonderful write up here, been a long time.

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