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The inception of blockchain technology as a variant of distributed ledger technology has proven itself to be a major form of solution to the world. Hence, cryptocurrencies have received keen attention from many investors and industries and this has caused an exponential increase in the crypto market capitalization. Nonetheless, since blockchain technology is in its infancy, there is the need to address its inefficiencies in order for it to realize its full potential. And some of these inefficiencies are the problem with fungibility, transaction speed and ease of use. AIASscoin intends to provide solution to the aforementioned inefficiencies through Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a consensus mechanism and masternodes technology.

AIASCOIN is a PIVX forked blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform that makes transactions faster, secure, fungible and transparent on the blockchain network. The PoS and Masternodes adopted by AIAScoin allows it to perform instant transactions worldwide whilst focusing on making easier, the adoption of blockchain technology by merchants.
The following are the features of AIASCOIN that would make it possible for the accomplishment of its aim of providing a fungible, secure and expedited mode of payment via e-commerce transactions;
i. Payment processor – this feature would help merchants to receive payment easily. One does not need any technical know-how in order to integrate the AIAScoin payment system.
ii. Easy API set up – the API would be linked to merchants account on their website for easy acceptance of payment and remitting of businesses.
iii. Low Transaction Fees – With the PoS confirmation system, AIAScoin transaction fees would be very low.
iv. Cross-Platform Payments – this unique feature aims at making AIAScoin operate on different platforms through the creation of multiple access points for wallets and accounts.
v. Safety of Transactions – this feature makes transactions secure on the AIAScoin platform through the cryptography of AIAScoin and its wallets.
vi. Instant and Easy Payments
vii. Transparency
viii. Anonymity
ix. Fungibility
x. Open source
xi. SwiftX
xii. ZeroCoin - ZeroCoin feature enables users to convert their coins into anonymous zCoins.

Benefits for Merchants, Coin Holders and Buyers
As AIAScoin would receive mass adoption, the team intends to advertise its merchants for crypto users to shop from their sites thereby increasing the sales of their merchant’s products. Buyers will also benefit from risk-free and user friendly payment system with low transaction fees. AIAScoin holders would also make lot of profit as AIAScoin value increases. Since AIAScoin would be listed on different exchange sites, holders would be able to trade with the coin. Furthermore, con holders can stake in the AIAScoin system and also set up masternode which would earn them additional coins.

Benefits and Uniqueness of AIASCOIN over OTHER COINS

  1. AIASCOIN is a community driven open source blockchain.
  2. Makes transactions anonymous and transparent
  3. Ensures privacy and value protection through its fungiblility
  4. It is based on the extremely efficient and secure PoS 3.o
  5. Features some of the updates to the Bitcoin Core.
  6. AIASCOIN solves and existing real-world problem
  7. Supported by well to do team.

The Proof-of-Stake System
AIAScoin system deploys Proof-of-Stake, whick is the new consensus algorithm to validate blocks, making the AIAScoin system more secure, stable, decentralized and economical to use. The PoS 2.0 wallet software will also make users more anonymous whilst ensuring enough coins to verify transactions on the blockchain network.

Masternodes are servers on the decentralized blockchain network that perform unique functions in a way that normal nodes cannot do. Some of these unique functions are the creation of instant transactions (InstantSend), creation of private transactions (PrivateSend), and organization of voting systems. Finding a way to make money whilst you are asleep is very important. And hosting AIASCOIN masternode offers you that opportunity to make passive income. Due to their increased capabilities and many benefits, one is required to invest into masternodes to run them. To host AIASCOIN masternode, you would need to have 1000 AIAS, dedicated IP Address and VPS with Linux. The good news is that the Seesaw Reward Balance System has been incorporated to ensure equal distribution of the 90% block rewards between masternodes and stakers. Join our discord channel to discuss how to purchase a masternode during the presale.

Token Distribution
15% of the funds raised from the token sales would be used to market and advertise the AIAScoin in the ANN campaign and IMN Presale to both crypto and retail industries. 30% funds would be kept to develop AIAScoin platform in the future through the creation of merchant plugin, mobile wallets and incorporation of new features after AIAScoin is forked. AIAScoin would set aside 15% of the raised funds to partner with merchants that provide e-commerce services in order to increase mass adoption of the AIAScoin network. To offer the best services to our users at all time, AIAScoin would set aside 10% of the funds raised for research. To cater for unintended costs, 10% of the funds would be used as a reservoir. Again bounty program and operational cost would be allocated 10% each.
You do not want to miss out on the the revolution to take cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the next level.

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