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Hello guys Back again with me today i will tell you about Sidera, the new concept int he wearable device that will give you a great experience when using the wearable device with blockchain system, we all know right now the wearable dives is very popualr, from the technology company like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG and other company is makes their own wearable devices, the popular is smartwatch, in their smartwatch we can see the features is very ordinary, the notification, alarm and anything else that connect with our smartphone, with this platform, Sidera we can use it to save our Cryptocurrrencies and make a transaction with this smartwatch. in this section, I will tell you about this project.

Why Sidera?

Bitsmart is the smartwatch from SIdera, this device is connected like the usual smartwatch and have the blockchain system We all know that the there are many popular smartwatches, why we should choose the BitSmart?

  • First Reason why choose Bitsmart is Bitsmart is using the latest features, so in this smartwatch, we can see all features from other wearable devices
  • Second Reason, this Bitsmart have a good quality and good design, it matches with any outfit, from the casual, formal, and anything else.
  • The Third reason why I choose it is because it works in blockchain system and integrated with hardware wallet, so in this features, we can use this smartwatch to send and receive EQUOS or other ERC20 Token.
  • Next is it has the anti-theft system, so we can happy when using this devices because it is very safe, even the device is lost our asset will safe and can't be stolen by anyone.

Token Details


  • Token Ticker: EQUOS
  • Token Price: 1 USD = 0.5 EQUOS
  • Soft Cap: 1.500.000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 15.000.000 USD
  • Total Supply 51.000.000 USD

Token Allocation

Token Allocation.PNG





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This platform is the new innovation in the IoT network and blockchain system, because they can combine it into a one platform that makes an IoT system work with blockchain system, as the smartwatch Bitsmart is the good Wearable device to show to the public about the features, from the ordinary smartwatch features until the integration with hardware wallet. so if you have any interest in this Project and you want to invest in this project you can try to visit their Website at I hope you like with my post.
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