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Hi guys, back again with me in my blog post, today I will tell you guys about the new project that I've seen, this project is good because the ambassador is the popular YouTuber, the number one YouTuber, Peewdiepie. so fro the ambassadors we all know what this platform work right? okay right now playing games is very popular right now, there are many people in this world is playing games, just play games only, make a content in youtube or live in twitch and many other, and we know that play games are to earn something right? you waste your time without earning nothing, and you are wasting your money to buy some items in the game, but with this platform, you will get paid when you play games, let me introduce you to SGamePro, Play, Mine, and Earn. this motto said that we can earn some money from playing games, so the people and the gamers that like the games can earn some money when they play some games, so in this post, I will tell you all things about SGamePro, what is the benefit and all things that related in this platform.

What is SGamePro?

SGamePro is the platform in games technology and use the blockchain system to make a platform for the gamers (personal gamers or content creation) to play the games and they can mine the cryptocurrencies when they play a games, its mean that you can earn some money when you play some games, the amount cryptocurrencies hat you mined can be used to buy some gift card or you can cash out your money into real money.

By using the SGamePro apps on the mobile, the user can use the platform to play games that have the connection with SgamePro, and they will get the token named SGM (SGamePro Token). with this Token, you can do some investment wait until the Token price is increasing or buy some stuff. I will tell you guys about the features on this platform.

Features of SgamePro


  • Games: games that support in this platform is games that have the high rating in store and the popular in the public, so the content creator can make their follower know about this games.

  • Challenge: you can challenge your friend to play some games and beat the score, the both of them will bet with their SGM and the winner will get extra SGM for the prize.

  • Live: if you are the live gamers, in this platform, there are the live application that will make you live in the public and can get the donation from the watcher.

  • Earning: as we said before if you play some popular games with this platform you will get the SGM token for the reward.

  • Marketplace: after you get the SGM token you can use the token to buy some gift card or other stuff that already placed in the marketplace.

  • Referrals: you can get more extra SGM token by referring your friends to use the SgamePro.

Token Details


  • Token Ticker: SGM
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Main sale: September 2018
  • Price: 1 SGM = 0.12 CHF
  • KYC: Required





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SgamePro is the best platform, because they offer the gamers to use this platform and the gamers will get the payment from their paling times, so like the motto, Play, Mine, Earn, with this platform you can earn some money with your games and skill, also you can use the Token to buy some gift card int he exchanger, I hope that this project will succeed at the end of the ICO date. if you have any question about this project you can follow their social media or you can ask me in the comment box below.

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Very useful info bro.

What do you think?

Great App, great rewards. Games are awesome as well, even if I personally would like to have more fresh games every week. Btw: absolutely brilliant idea.

his is an interesting and quite promising product.
This is very strong and promising team. I see great potential in this project.