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Hi guys back again with me in my blog, today I will tell you about the new project that I've read, we all know that right now cloud storage is very booming right now, there are many people that use the cloud storage for saving their data, everything is via cloud, from the streaming music via cloud, cloud storage, and right now the video streaming is very trendy right now, with streaming entertainment media we watch and listen to the original products, its different that we download the music and the video on the internet, its illegal because they don't have any license to upload that video and music. so let me introduce you to Monvid, the new ways to watch the Video streaming that based on blockchain technology. so in this post, I will tell you guys about everything about Monvid, I hope you enjoy my post.

What is Monvid?

Monvid is the new Video Streaming platform that based on blockchain system, the Monvid is the next generation of video streaming, because as we know the traditional video streaming uses the server to put their video on that server and the streamer can stream from that source, but in Monvid we will see the different, we can stream our video Peer 2 peer to source. besides the video streaming, Monvid has features named Proxied Video streaming, usually, we need some subscription for VPN services to open the site that blocked in our country, but with Monvid it possible the streamer to open the blocked site like the Netflix and another site that blocked by the government without limitations.


This is the features of Monvid platform,

  • Decentralized: decentralized is a good way in any system in the world, with decentralized we can see that there are many advantages like the transparency, security, and flexibility than the traditional system.
  • Cost Efficiency: There is no subscription for the visitor in Monvid platform, but if you want to feel the premium services (premium access + proxied streaming) you can pay and we reward the streamer for their storage and network traffic.
  • Censorship and Unblocking: this features will very helpful to use that life in the country that blocked the streaming site like the Netflix, Hulu and the other streaming site because in this features you will get full access to open that site without any censorship.
  • Unlimited Distributed Nodes: any people that visit in the platform can participate the streaming videos and get paid. so its mean the Monvid have an unlimited amount of streaming servers around the world. that will make to makes the streaming speed is faster, more smooth, and quality

What is the difference?

every people always ask about what is the difference between a decentralized and centralized system, and as you know by using the blockchain system, there are many benefits that we can get, from the user, and the developer. there are the different,


Token Allocation


Token Details

  • Token Ticker: MVID
  • Token Price: 0.05 USD - 0.1 USD
  • Current Bonus: 15%
  • ICO Dates: June 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018
  • Soft cap: 500.000 USD
  • Hard cap: 5.000.000 USD
  • Total Supply: 200M MVID



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Monvid is the first platform that uses the blockchain for the video streaming and proxied streaming, I think it will make a changes in the world about the video streaming, and maybe the traditional user like the youtube, Netflix and another platform will change into Monvid, because of the features that we can see above, so if you have any interest to invest in this project you can try to invest it right now because the bonuses right now still 15%, its mean you can get extra 15% from your buying.

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@gesdan thanks for writing about monvid, Hope they would reach the ICO target.


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That may replace YouTube one day

haha its hard to beat youtube, but i hope it will happen one day

now it's time we use quality video or entertainment and this platform offers it all

in this ecosystem, there are many platform providers, but, I hope this platform can compete, good luck

It can be better platfrom then youtube in future.

his is an interesting and quite promising product.
This is very strong and promising team. I see great potential in this project.