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Hi guys, back again with me in my blog post, today I will tell you about the new project, in this project we will see the future, because in this platform we will see the platform that has the futuristic features and will make the older features and older platform change into the new platform, let me introduce you into Metahash, in this post I will tell you guys about all things that I know about Metahash, from the features, the advantages than the other platform and anything else about this project, and I will tell you why you should invest in this project. so after you read my post and you want to ask me you can ask me in the commnet box below and i will answer your question,

About Metahash


Right now blockchain is the one of a system that used in any platform in the world, at the beginning blockchain is used for the cryptocurrencies, but every people in the technology world think that blockchain has many advantages than the old technology, like its decentralized, anonymous, fast, and the important part is secure, yes as we know in here that blockchain is one of the most secure systems that I know right now. from this statement, many people said that the economy in the future will be managed by the technology especially blockchain. blockchain has many advantages than the other, but with this capability of blockchain system it can't be the economic system in the future, because of its note secure than we know, the transaction time is slow and not efficient, nowadays blockchain 4.0 is the solutions of the older blockchain system, Metahash is the platform that uses blockchain 4.0. The next blockchain system is the Metahash that use the blockchain 4.0 to share asset, digital platform to create, manage and services that are a decentralized network in a real-time. in the 4.0 version, we will see the faster transaction than the older version, so we can make a transaction with fast time using this platform, to decrease the confirmation time, and reach all country in the world using this platform. This Techonolgy is the new technology that will change the economic world using the blockchain system fwith a fast network and secure network.

Metahash is listed in the Switzerland company, at the beginning Metahash company received some jobs to makes some application with Blockchain system because in this time the blockchain system is very booming in the world, every people want to make their own blockchain system. After that in 2016, they decided to makes their own network blockchain 4.0 will make the changes in the blockchain system with more advantages than the older platform. Metahash blockchain 4.0 has 3 seconds faster than the other blockchain platform like the Ethereum, EOS, or bitcoin, This is why Metahash blockchain 4.0 will be the next newest blockchain system because it's very efficient, faster than the other platform, and secure.

Metahash Features

  • Trace chain: this features are the features that most secure and most fast than the other platform, to make a transaction confirmation, we don't need to wait until 3seconds to get the first confirmations.
  • Meta Apps: The new generation of smart contracts, this features is the cloud service that will decentralize any apps in real time
  • Meta Gate: The Decentralized wallet that supports multi wallet that won't overload your computer because its decentralized
  • MetaHash Coin: this is the media for exchange services and regulate the development

ICO Details

  • Ticker: MHC
  • Start date: June 29, 2018.
  • End date:** When all 920,000,000 #MHC allocated for ICO Round A are distributed**
  • Price: 1 MHC fixed at 0.0391 USD
  • Accepting: ETH and BTC

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metahash platform is the next generation of blockchin system

Project seems promising.

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