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good morning guys, back again with me in my blog site, today I will tell you about the project that will make the new innovation, in right now we know that the supercomputer is the big computer, has an expensive part, and need good maintenance. and for us maybe its hard to own supercomputer, because of the price, place of maintenance system. but it will solve with this platform, let me introduce you Iagon, Iagon is the platform that will serve us the supercomputer that works in the cloud and we can use the supercomputer anywhere and anytime, they will make the global supercomputer that works via online. let's talk about the Iagon platform.

What is DealJoy?

Blockchain right now is very booming in the public because of the uses on the bitcoin, all people in the world want to implement blockchain with their system, and I think that it will good because as we know that blockchain system ist eh one system that secure, or we can call it the most secure system. Iagon is want to make the supercomputer that works on the internet, with blockchain system, works with Artificial Intelligence, and have the security system. The computer that uses the platform is like the nodes and connected with all nodes in the network.



  • Artificial Intelligence: this platform is combining the machine learning platform, neural network and the blockchain system to makes the great Artificial Intelligence
  • Integrated dApp: all network and the features on this platform is integrated each other and managed by the blockchain system
  • Mining: Creating revenue by sharing your computer resources including processing power and storage
  • Smart Contracts: this platform uses the erc20 Ethereum smart contract that popular right now
  • Decentralized storage: All data in the platform is not centralized but it will be encrypted and distributed in all client but the access requirement still int he owner

Token Allocation


  • 50% for Crowdfunding
  • 20% for Presale
  • 10% for Internal Team and Advisors
  • 10% for Development Team
  • 10% for Miner Intensive

Token Details


  • Token Ticker:** IAG**
  • Pre ICO Price: 1 IAG = 0.06 USD
  • Price: 1 IAG = 0.12USD
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Soft cap: 5,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 50,000 ETH





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this project has the innovation that will make the supercomputer can access anywhere and anytime by using the cloud services, I think it will be a good things in the future when people need to have the supercomputer for their work and job, and I think that this project has a good roadmap and have experience team, so if you want to have an interest in this project you can find the information from the ico rating site, like icobench, icopulse,trackico and many rating sites on the internet, if you have any questions you can ask me in the comment box below or you can ask me via bitcointalk message on the forum

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the first company addressing the real need for decentralized cloud computing and storage services. good project

Thanks I believe this project will successful

Seems good.

There are lots of project coming in market
and i see you always try to give good information about new project so keep it up good work.