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Good afternoon guys, back again with me in my post, as you know in this post I will tell you about the new project, I like to read the new project and I think the good project I will share with you, to makes give you an option about an investment, today I will tell you about this new platform, this platform is work in the cryptocurrencies investing and trading, we know that right now cryptocurrencies is very booming in the society, everyone know about cryptocurrencies and they want to make some profit by investing in cryptocurrencies, they don't know about the good investment and trading system that have a good quality, so let me introduce you to Bitbose, this is the investment platform that has the good quality and good features, in this section i will tell you all about Bitbose ( platform, so if you have any question about this platform you can ask me in the comment box below.

What is Bitbose?

Bitbose is the platform that uses the decentralized system named blockchain system, blockchain is the great platform that has many benefits for the user and the system, for the user the benefit is safe, bitcoin is very safe, and for the system, blockchain is very light so this platform is very good to use because it has the powerful speed. on this platform, there are many features the main features is, Investment programs, loans, and the trading system.



  • Investment Banking Solutions: this platform offers unique banking solution likes the loans, investment, and mining reward programs, of course with Blockchain system that have the fast transaction, safe, and low fees.
  • Hybrid Intelligent Trading Exchange & Payment Solutions: This platform offers the intelligence trading exchange and payment solution, why intelligence? because it works in A.I, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that will study the history by itself.
  • Backed By Solid Team: The team that develops this platform is world class developers, traders, financial advisors & blockchain experts.
  • Trading Bot: in this platform, there are Trading bots like I said before, the name is a spike and it can filter all news about the bitcoin, Spike will reject all news that fake and save the genuine news.

Token Details


  • Ticker: BOSE
  • ICO Price: 1 BOSE = 0.25 USD
  • Soft cap 5.000.000 USD
  • Bonus right now: 30%
  • Minimum Investment: 100 BOSE
  • Token sale date: July 16, 2018 - November 30. 2018





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This platform has the great innovation to makes the trading, exchange, and loan in one place, and I think that this platform will succeed because the features name spike, it will very helpful, we know that right now the A.I is very useful for all things that humans do, from the analyze also make a decision. the machine learning helps A.I to learn about the new thins from the pattern before if we use it the A.I is smarter than before. so if you have any investment problem you can help this platform in this ICO, maybe in the future, you can be helped with this platform to be your trading assistant
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Nice very interesting concept..

An interesting project with specific goals,
a good product and a worthy team that will certainly achieve its goals