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Hi guys, back again with me in my blog post, today I will tell you guys about the new platform that will work in crowdfunding sector, we all know that right now crowdfunding is the one of method to makes your project or startups works, and I think in the traditional crowdfunding there are many problems that we should solve that makes the crowdfunding success. in this platform all problems in the traditional crowdfunding will be solved with their features and their team experience, Introduced you Arizn is the new Tokenized Crowdfunding Platform, in this post I will tell you to abut the problem that we see in the crowdfunding, the solution from the Arizn Platform, Teams, Roadmap, and anything about Arizn Platform.

What is Arizn Platform?

Arizn platform starts from 2011 and solidified by the Africa Company in 2013. Arizn platform is the crowdfunding platform that works in Ethereum blockchain and totally has the transparently distributed ledger that is publicly viewable by anyone. The Arizn platform uses the dApp Wizard to make sure the customer is can make smart contacts that tokenize their crowdfunding campaign. All token from the Arizn Platform is the ERC20 platform, its mean that it can be transferred from one wallet into another wallet that based on Ethereum erc20 platform. This platform is totally transparent and uses the Rank based to developed an overall consensus on any project.


There are many issues about problems in the traditional Crowdfunding, we can see some below,

  • Pay gates: from crowdfunding pay gates is the main problem, if the pay gates are not good enough I think there are not investor that want to invest and put money on this project.
  • Limited Audience: the second factor that makes the failed crowdfunding is the limited audience, if there are no people that want to see this crowdfunding project, there is not an investor in this project to put their money on it.
  • Demanding Campaigns: from the second point we can see that we should have made a campaign to make sure that audience in this project is increasing, but we will see that campaign is not cheap, the project owner should prepare a big money for campaigns
  • Lack of Investor confidence: in the last, is the lack of investor confidence because if we want to get an investor we should make the investor believe in our project if they do not trust the project it will be failed.
    The Big Problems here is because of the transparency, without transparency i think the problems above automatically created, so make sure that if you want to make a project the transparency is very important


From the problems above the Arizn Platform will make the solution to make sure that the platform that they created can solve all problems in the traditional crowdfunding.

  • Blockchain-based for attracting cryptocurrency investor
  • Automated campaigns: from the platform, there is a list in the platform about all crowdfunding that they manage, so the investor can see, and they can sort from the popular or not.
  • Transparent, transparent is the key of the crowdfunding to makes the investor and the crowdfunding manager is trusted each other, without any trust the crowdfunding can't successful

Token Details


  • Token Ticker: AALT
  • Token Price: 1 AALT = 0.0001 ETH
  • Hard cap: 25.000.000 USD
  • Accept: ETC, BTC, FIAT
  • Token sale Start: July 26th, 2018
  • Token sale End: September 29th, 2018





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this is a great platform that will make the newest innovation in crowdfunding, I think this project will succeed, we can see from the rating in the ICO Marks we can see the 8.3 Point from 10 its mean that this project is good, have a good vision and good team, so if you want to invest in this project you can do it right now, because you will get bonuses if you buy right now, you will get 30% bonuses if you buy during the token sale.

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Great project. I really like their developments, they will definitely achieve great heights.

Here is 1 cents for you, good review.

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Yeah you are right. The way crowdfunding is organized currently is very bad and so if this intervention could work, it will be good.

thank you :) i hope you enjoy my post

arizn can solve all problems in the traditional crowdfunding..interesting

thank you :) i hope you enjoy my post

The solution offered to solve various problems in crowdfunding is very brilliant.

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This creates a range of potential revenue streams. Project will be success soon

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hopefully this project is successful and can attract investors

thank you :) i hope you enjoy my post