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Hello guys, sorry i am late to post today because I am very busy, today I will tell you guys about the new project that will make the changes the banking system, everything all banking is related with blockchain right now, from the beginning of bitcoin we can see that there are many advantages of blockchain and bitcoin that can we get, it will make people that use the traditional system try to use blockchain as their system to get the advantages of blockchain. let me introduce you to Able, the new Era of crypto financial. this platform Able will serve the new services that will make the blockchain and banking system is more modern than before.

What is Able?

Financial Industry has the big growing than the other sector. All things that related to money and finance, like the deposit, borrow, investment and payment system occur in the bank system. and in the bank. Banks received the federal bailout in the 2008 and get the high crisis on many banks. and right now we can see that the cryptocurrencies are the answer to that problem, in cryptocurrencies, we can see that the price of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. but we can see in the market of cryptocurrencies there are many hackers and moral hazard. Able will be the next platform that will manage the cryptocurrency assets that will use the blockchain that will make the users capable to use the services with high reliability. borrowers, depositor, investor, and entrepreneur will directly communicate with Able platform, without 3rd media



  • Peer to Peer Loan: this features will meet the borrowers and the depositor directly use this platform, without any media that will make zero fees.
  • Salary Smart Contract: payment in salary that will use the smart contract system. it will give the receiver many benefits.
  • ICO Investment: the investor can invest in this platform in the able token.
  • Mutual Funds Smart Contracts: Financial investment platform based on ABLE’s DEX.

Token Details


  • Ticker: ABLE
  • ICO Date: July 16, 2018 - August 10, 2018
  • Price of Able: 1 ABLE = 0.00215 USD
  • Hard cap: 11000 ETH
  • Accepting: ETH and BTC





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For me, this project is very interesting for me because they will manage the bank crypto financial with the cryptocurrencies bank it will make the changing in the financial structure in the cryptocurrencies and from my prediction this project has the good future, we can see from the roadmap, team, and from their social media it seems like they have many experiences that handle the big project like this. so if you want to invest in ICO project I suggest you invest in this project. and if you have any question about this project you can ask me int he comments box below or messages me on Bitcointalk message.

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Good review my friend.

This project has good future.

Good project bro.