ICO Warning: Insurex website and twitter were hacked

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Warning about InsureX ICO

Just sending out a warning to any whom are awaiting the Insurex ICO that is to go live in the next hour. The Twitter and website were hacked last night and an address sent out by the hacker to trick people into sending ETH. Reportedly over 1000 ETH have been stolen and the Insurex has yet to address this matter with any more than "As we are getting close to our crowdsale opening, we are being targeted by scams and activities. We are monitoring the situation closely."


I was ready to jump on this, but now I'm going to pass as the communication from the Insurex people has been insufficient for me to take the risk at sending my funds over.

Invest at own risk, I assume InsureX doesn't have insurance to cover this hack... sounds like an unsuccessful launch.



Just coming from their telegram group. The CEO has made a statement there and I quote

Ingemar Svensson:

"Hi all, leading up to the IXT crowd sale we have been targeted by an increasing number of scams and hacking attacks. During the night we discovered that our Twitter account and Intercom had been compromised. Be assured that both are externally hosted from our website, with different authentication. We have now strengthened our security with two factor authentication and other measures and are working with these providers to analyse what happened. What we know is that our website pointed to the Intercom external service and one spurious message was posted. We have now removed Intercom as a precaution and are closely monitoring the situation. Our crowdsale is managed and hosted by TokenMarket infrastructure. Please only ever use the official website to participate the crowdsale. Thank you for your patience and support of InsureX"

insurextech InsureX tweeted @ 11 Jul 2017 - 05:49 UTC

As we are getting close to our crowdsale opening, we are being targeted by scams and activities. We are monitoring the situation closely.

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