Pecunio has invested 2 million USD to Freldo

in ico •  20 days ago

Modern market focused on the promotion of interesting and non-standard businesses.
Freldo – a social network of the new generation – is example of the such type of modern business. Freldo is intended to unite small business owners and their potential consumers on the one platform. And the successful development of Freldo ICO shows the profitable attraction for investors.
Last week, Freldo signed a Token Investment Agreement with Pecunio for $ 2 million, which confirms Freldo's partnership potential.
Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform with a free cryptocurrency card, which can be used for exchange of the various cryptocurrencies.
Pecunio is targeted on the mid-income users who don’t have enough opportunities to make large purchases on the cryptocurrency market. Pecunio’s goal is extending of cryptocurrency market for ordinary people, help in crypto-currency investment operations and support of young entrepreneurs in the development of their projects.

These are the main principles of collaboration between Pecunio and Freldo. Also, Pecunio invested $ 2 million to Freldo and will integrate it in their system.
For Pecunio purchasing of FRECN is important strategic investment, as developers consider that Freldo has a great potential and benefits for investors. The successful running of Freldo ICO in the second half of this year is acknowledge this fact. And collaboration with Pecunio will strengthen position of Freldo tokens on the market and help in further successful development.

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