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Ever been trapped or denied access to the internet due to no data? Or have you been in a situation where your subscription expires without you exhausting your data? Well, there is a solution to that. This solution has the capability of enriching you, that is instead of your subscription expiring without you exhausting your data, you share your unused data and earn from it. This solution is presented by OPP OPEN WiFi.
In simple terms, OPP OPEN WiFi is a platform with the aim of giving users the opportunity to be the master of their bandwidth (data) thus deciding what to do with it.
Every great project was created to solve unique problems and as such OPP OPEN WiFi isn't an exemption.
A careful study shows that about 2.5 billion people own smartphones, that is to say, they pay their monthly bill. Now, after paying this monthly bill the following were realized;

  1. About 76% of Individuals on a daily basis found themselves either not having the opportunity to get online or cannot get online unless they subscribe again.
  2. About 80% of these individuals found themselves not using all the data allocated to them either on their mobile phone contract or home/business ISP contracts. This is a huge waste.


OPP OPEN WiFi aims to recruit 1% of active smartphone users, thus creating a global WiFi Hotspot which will help millions of people each day, in the long run, making their day easier and convenient.
This is achieved through the following ways;

  1. OPP OPEN WiFi aims to monetise unused mobile data allowance. To succeed, a mobile app and a home/ business router was developed which allows the Hotspot Hosts to share and also monetize their unused data, with the Hotspot Hosts deciding on the amount of unused data they are willing to donate or share.
    This developed mobile app works by activating the hotspot function on Hotspot Hosts' smartphone thus creating a WiFi Hotspot which called OPP OPEN WIFI. This created WiFi Hotspot is fully secure, open and free to be accessed by Individuals who need it.
    To make it more interesting, the mobile app was developed to be active for 1 hour a day, thus OPP OPEN WiFi team will make daily payments to the Hotspot Host's wallet. The payment is carried out with OPP token. In a scenario whereby more than one device is connected to the Hotspot Hosts main device, OPP platform will still pay for each device whether home or business devices.

  2. Now the Hotspot Hosts has succeeded in earning, what next?
    Hotspot Hosts are paid with OPP tokens, and by logging in to their dashboard they will be able to see their daily payments as well as balance. These earned tokens can then be converted to fiat (USD, EURO etc), in addition, the balance can be transferred to their bank or they can credit their OPP credit card in this case, no need for a bank account.
    Hotspot Hosts are also given the opportunity to enjoy amazing retail services with many global partners when they visit OPP online shopping mall.
    All these activities can be carried out conveniently within the dashboard.


OPP platform is designed to operate on a daily basis for years, with two main aims;

  1. Paying stakeholders on a daily basis for contributing their unused data to OPP global network for a minimum of 1 hour/day.
  2. Paying stakeholders on a daily basis for viewing messages from OPP advertisers. Before this takes place, OPP OPEN WiFi and each stakeholder have to agree.

These payments to each stakeholder will correlate as well as contribute to the monthly cost borne by that person, in particular, thus being in agreement with their mobile phone bills as well as bills encountered with accessing the web.
OPP aims to reward 25 million people with daily payments for their daily activities thus leveraging on blockchain technology owing to the nature of the payments involved.
Why Blockchain Technology?
The nature of OPP payment is processing 25 million contracted transactions daily, with each transaction involving the movement of assets across a business network, where each of these transactions represents a defined activity thus transparency and trust become very important, and only BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY can offer such.
In OPP platform there are two types of transaction contract which are carried out with smart contracts presented by blockchain technology, namely;
a. Primary Contract: This type of contract takes place in a scenario where Hotspot Hosts shares bandwidth.
b. Secondary Contract: While this takes place when Hosts views advertising.

How OPP Works:

Hotspot Hosts are Individuals who are faced with the aforementioned issues, thus being recruited by OPP OPEN WiFi. In order to be a Hotspot Host, Individuals need to register then download OPP mobile app or request a home/business router from OPP via the website.
On successful completion, when the mobile app is accessed, the mobile hotspot function on Hosts smartphone will be activated, thus OPP OPEN WiFi is created which can be seen by other users who aim to access the internet.
The system works with home and business WiFi too and is totally secure for both the guest user and Hotspot Host.


OPP OPEN WiFi aims to be a platform where individuals will be Hotspot Hosts thus either earning by sharing data or by viewing ads.
OPP OPEN WiFi platform is open to all irrespective of their location and by recruiting 25 million Hotspot Hosts, OPP OPEN WiFi becomes the largest guest WiFi community in the whole world.
OPP is the token of OPP OPEN WiFi platform; it has a total supply of 4.165 billion.
OPP token sale is currently running and more information can be found on the website.



Website: https://www.oppopenwifi.com

Telegram Group: https://t.me/oppopenwifi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OPPopenWiFi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OPPopenWiFi

Medium: https://medium.com/opp-open-wifi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/opp-open-wifi/

Whitepaper: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/oppwhite20180627.pdf?t=v6

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