Filmgrid Diaries 20190505 - The BitcoinTalk ANN

in ico •  5 months ago 

Writing the annauncement for was harder than I expected. Since it is the first communication that is made in this medium and therefore it must be discrete in length of content, but at the same time cover the important points of the project including the specifications of the token; the reading must in any case be light and attractive.

Due to the rules of, a new user, as is our case, can't make use of images until a certain number of points that take the account to the next level, called Jr. Member; therefore we had to use minimalist design using only ASCII and precarious BBcode.

There is the possibility of buying user accounts already at that level or even higher, most of the projects opt for this since genereting the needed points can take up to a month or more, but, being as ideological as we claim to be, how honest is it? to incur in this practice. It's my feeling that it would mean lying from the very first publication, "Hey, look, I have a score that does not correspond to me for which I choose to pay" ... I don't think so.

Anyway, here is the publication:

Further ahead, once the user level is adequate, the annauncement will be rewritten including a graphic design based on images and visual content, for now, let's hope our publication is sufficient to generate organic follow-ups.

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