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It has been a long journey since we started this project and we were stopped by the external circumstances, until we managed to get up once more. 2018 was a year that challenged our confidence, reduced the team and almost decimated the dream. It was the passion of the few who resisted that kept Filmgrid's dream alive.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this, we made the most important decision, instead of giving up we opted to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenge we have in front of us.

With a declining market, exhausted budget and without a presence in the media, the picture looks difficult, but nothing is impossible. Changes were made to the strategy and the project in general:

  1. One of the best advisors of ICO, Naviin Kapoor, was hired.
  2. A better and safer token was developed using the OpenZeppelin libraries (0xdadfd3814684a3a08a001500a98eef74f4ac1712).
  3. The distribution of tokens was structured in several sales, including a private sale, pre-sale and two rounds of regular sale.
  4. The dates for sales were adjusted based on the technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market.
  5. The marketing efforts will be made by the team, avoiding the use of third parties of dubious reputation.

Now, the wait is over, the time is right; We have started our Filmpass token (FILM) private sale on May 1st.

From today, we will be maintaining a daily presence, sharing the development of our efforts to successfully complete our crowdfunding.

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