Brainspace, Protecting Your Creativity.

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Creativity is something that takes talent to achieve. It is therefore not fair for these intellectual properties to be stolen or pirated without one's agreement. Music, Arts, literature etc are all examples of intellectual properties, and they need to be guarded. These creative works are increasing daily with platforms springing up that hosts them. These platforms, however, do not protect these authors from piracy and other things that deprive authors of their due benefits. This is detrimental to this sector and if not fixed fast, will reduce the productivity and growth of authors.
Brainspace is a platform that recognized this quagmire and aims to improve on the issues authors face daily

This is a Platform that's welcoming to Authors. Giving them a say and an avenue where their intellectual properties will be appreciated.

Features and Benefits of Brainspace.

  • The automatic protection of the intellectual properties of the Brainspace platform will optimize the whole process.

  • Middlemen will be eliminated with the Brainspace platform with the platform connecting authors and investors for interaction.

  • Legal advice will be given to authors making them knowledgeable over the rights they have over their properties which will give them confidence against piracy and minimize piracy in the long run.

These features will further develop the Authors and giving them the freedom to create more intellectual properties.


Services of Brainspace.

  1. Brain World - Investors can open branches in cities which will attract talented authors. This, in turn, gives investors the avenue to be a part of the Brainspace project, giving them a stake in the outputs of the authors.

  2. Brain Star - This is a service that source for producers.

  3. Brain Invest - Some authors because of the nature of their projects require huge capital as start-ups. With brain invest, these authors can attract investors to their projects.

  4. Brain Unity - Authors far and wide can be united under this feature giving them a conducive environment to trade ideas.

  5. Brain Protect - Authors can access advice from specialists higher up in their fields and apply it to their ongoing project.

  6. Brain Market - This is an environment where authors can easily trade their intellectual properties with ease.

  7. Brain Art - This gives authors tools that will be easily accessible to them for the promotion of their properties.

  8. Brain Deposit - This service will serve as a vault for authors intellectual properties. They will be stored online for safe keeping.

Brainspace ICO.
Supply - 1.431 billion.

Price - From $0.01 to 0.08 as ICO progresses.

Soft cap - $14,526 million

Hard cap - $72,630 million













Authors BTT -;u=2046294


This article made me interested in this article. Great write up. Will definitely check them out. More of the writer. Kudos

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