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Describe your role at Evident Proof:
I’m responsible for driving the marketing forward, from online campaigns, to organising our events schedule, to standing on stage and letting people know all about Evident Proof and why they should be using our platform.

It’s an exciting time to be in this role, within an entirely new market sector. As a marketer, I need to adapt quickly to changing regulation, price volatility and new opportunities.

It’s an exciting and varied role, which requires me to adapt strategy and explore new paths almost daily. One consistent area is influencers and how we connect with them to discuss the benefits of Evident Proof.

In fact, education is an important and rewarding part of what I do here. It’s great to be able to teach people about the potential of blockchain and inspire business leaders from a range of sectors to find ways to use blockchain technology.

Describe your average day as a team member:
Rarely will I get a full night’s sleep, as I’m either responding to token buyers, partners or engaging with our social channels from across the world. I’ll then walk the dog in the morning whilst checking emails and getting an update on what’s likely to happen that day. From 9am, I’ll reply to emails, and attend Skype or face-to-face meetings with our marketing partners and suppliers.

By lunchtime, I’ll be researching the next conferences we should attend, and presentations we’ll need for them. After 4pm I’ll then start catching up with our US partners and team abroad.

How did you become interested in this industry?:
I was advised by a friend a couple of years ago to buy some Ethereum. I tried several times but got bored by the amount of hoops you had to get through to buy any. Eventually I put the time aside and bought some in January 2017. I proceeded to forget about it only to get a happy surprise several months later.

Since then I thought I should start to understand more about the industry than just the markets and what value there really is in utilising the Blockchain. I attended a Blockchain for Good round-table event in LA and it was meeting some of the inspirational people and hearing about their projects that really got me hooked.

Now I’m blown away each day about the number of applications and problems the blockchain can solve.

What blockchain use cases inspire you?:
Anything that really helps solve real-world problems. Evident Proof allows you to store data in an immutable way. It can solve real-world problems such as enabling companies to demonstrate the provenance of manufacturing chains, thereby helping against the fraudulent production of products, art, medicine and more. It can help organisations or individuals prove something actually happened – for example, that they stored details in a way that complies with local legislation.

Other solutions that inspire me include those that help people in developing countries store their IDs and education, allowing them to prove their identity and access vital rights and services they otherwise would have missed out on. Or solutions that give the ownership of data back to the users.

What about your background set you up for success at EP?:
I’ve always been working at the forefront of technology. I set up my first social media website in 1999, with over a million hits a month. In the days when Facebook still only allowed student accounts, I was among the first to utilise it for marketing. I then set up a mobile solution for the construction industry, replacing their paperwork with mobile devices. I’ve always wanted to understand how technology can help in the real world and the blockchain has so much potential, it was a natural progression for me to get involved in the next big technology advancement.

What’s been the biggest challenge thus far (personally or to the company)?:
The challenge for the company I would say was to get us past the IPO level verification, which cost a good deal of money and took a lot of time. But it now means we can stand by everything we’ve put in our white paper.

What has been your proudest moment so far as a team member?:
We picked up a large token buyer in the early days of Evident Proof, and went on to attract many more, along with some important partners.This progress galvanised new members of the team who could see the widespread belief in Evident Proof. It really built up momentum among the team.

Now you can really see the team working well together out at conferences. Everyone has their strengths and everyone supports each other. It’s like we have a real family on tour, all driving towards the same goal, all with the same confidence.

What motivates you to go into work every day?:
The team around me. Everyone loves their jobs and the differences we’re making. It’s just great being involved in the start of a new technological revolution. As governments start to accept the value of the blockchain and decentralisation, or the people they govern learn the value and start to adopt, it will only be a matter of time before its benefits start permeating society. Then we’ll have no more dubious rigged voting. People will have a chance to get their own say in decisions governments and their companies make. People will own their own content and their own identities. Fraud will become much less of an issue. Lawsuits will cost a lot less. There are so many exciting developments coming.

What sort of reactions are you getting from organisations you speak to?:
Generally, organisations are impressed at just how simple and yet versatile our solution is for delivering immutable, unhackable, provenance of data.

Take businesses like Swytch, which uses the blockchain to track carbon impact and reward sustainable actions. They’ve been delighted to find a platform that supports their core proposition. EP helps Swytch perform the verification and reward processes needed to a) incentivize producers to generate renewable energy, and b) offer consumers verifiable information necessary to participate in the emerging renewable energy market.

So many different kinds of businesses have become excited about how EP can help them. An art dealing business very quickly identified how Evident Proof can help them overcome challenges relating to counterfeit artwork. Then there’s a large manufacturing company that turned to us to help them secure the provenance of their supply chain, and save them legal fees too.

What sort of regulatory challenges do organisations like EP face?:
The industry we work in is forever changing and you need to constantly adapt. For example, we had a whole tour of China arranged. A week before we left, China banned all Blockchain events and we had to cancel the whole thing and move our plans to other parts of Asia.

Some seemingly negative changes can have a very positive effect though. For example, there has been a lot of news in the last year about data privacy and control following the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, which has meant a lot of old tech companies having to explain their use of data.

For a company like Evident Proof, where security and control of data is at the heart of what we do, it’s only been a positive thing.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 6 months?:
As a company we intend on having offices setup in Asia and we’ll be well on our way to launching offices in America. Personally, I’m looking forward to helping more of the team we bring on globally and getting them ready to deliver our great solution to our global clients.

What do you like to do outside of work?:
Spend time with friends, family, any of my seven nieces and two nephews. I enjoy rock climbing, running and most importantly time with my Malamute/Husky called Faolan. We’ll go out with the bike and he’ll pull me along the river, then in the winter we’ll do the same on a snowboard.

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