PAVO Coin ICO Review - AgTech in the Blockchain

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PAVO – revolutionizing the agricultural industry through the blockchain. The PAVO ICO is ranking high in different ICO expert review sites and it’s obviously showing on their numbers – check their website to see how their ICO is doing.

What is PAVO?

 PAVO is a decentralized platform on the blockchain that aims to revolutionize the agriculture industry and enhance the rate of food production globally.  

 The agriculture and food industries are huge. The growth of both industries come hand in hand with population growth – as the latter grows bigger, the demand for agricultural products becomes higher.  

  According to the United Nations, by 2050 human population would be at 9.6 billion and crop demands would increase by at least 100 percent.  

  And it was also projected that by 2027 food production will not be enough to meet everyone’s needs. The study determined that the future shortfall on food production will be brought by the shortage in arable land.  

  Because of this, the industry is looking for alternative ways to maintain sufficient food supply such as indoor farming and utilizing smart tech solutions.  

What is the role of PAVO on this?  

  Through the PAVO platform, farmers will have easy access to a state-of-the-art, smart, blockchain-based IoT solution for a smarter agricultural and business decisions.   

  The platform offers cutting-edge technology to guide farmers in crop growing, processing and distribution. And through the entire life cycle, every stage will be transparent and efficient since the system is built within the blockchain and will be assisted by an IoT Ag-Tech software.  

  By using the PAVO platform farmers will have the ability to do real-time recording and monitoring production processes, analyzing and reporting agricultural process from planting to shipping, track productivity and labor costs, and conveniently track the entire agricultural process anywhere.  

How does the PAVO platform work?  

  Currently, the data in the platform are acquired through  soil sensors and CO2 sensors placed at the cultivation area. Data gathered through these sensors will then be transmitted through the gateway and stored within the PAVO system. Users can then access these data through a user-friendly interface anytime.  

  Through real-time data access and traceable life cycle history, users will be able to closely monitor growth cycle, yields and optimize the process if needed.  

The PAVO Marketplace

  Pavo will have an available business hub for its users. This web and mobile app will serve as the trading space to all.   Through this marketplace consumers, farmers, distributors, corporates/universities and business will be able to connect with each other directly – no need for intermediaries.

  Trading of crops and agricultural data and products within the system were made simple and convenient for all participants to take advantage.

  Another impressive feature of the PAVO Marketplace is the opportunity it gives to growers to pre-sell their crops through smart forward contracts. With this in place, growers will no longer have the stress of waiting for harvest and delivery before getting paid.  

ICO Details

  Public presale and private sale is still open, you can check their website for details. Crowdsale will run from August 8 until September 15. Different bonuses are available for each ICO phase, if you want to get the most out of it, it’s recommended to invest early on.  

  PavoCoin or PAVO will be the utility token to fuel the entire platform – an Ethereum-based token. There are 200,000,000 total tokens in supply, of which, 100,000,000 tokens were made available for the crowdsale.  

  Token price is at $1 per PavoCoin and this applies for the full duration of the ICO. And the minimum investment of 500 USD has been set.  

  Based on their website, softcap is at $1M, wherein, this amount has already been reached as shown on the site. While the hardcap has been set to $30M.  

The Verdict

  Given the fact that agriculture is a strenuous and a time-demanding business, having a platform like PAVO would make every task convenient and simple, and would lead to higher revenues. An automated system that will work with people in the agricultural business hand-in-hand is very ideal.  

  However, the question is.. would this be worth it as part of your portfolio? It can be. For the reasons that this industry is so big that there is a chance of having a significant growth in its community and with the state-of-the-art technology they offer to growers it is highly likely that they will support the platform for their own advantage.  

  To sum it up, PAVO only aims to boost efficiency and revenues in the agricultural sector. And the infrastructure they created to automate the industry is quite impressive. And if everything goes as planned it is with no doubt that this platform will succeed.  




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