ICO of The Week: Reward Coin Token

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So it's been a while since i posted anything on steem or on my personal blog😢 ..i haven't been feeling well for the last 2 months and that's long before i stopped blogging. Today i came across a very interesting project that seeks to replace coupons and discounts with a cryptocurrency that quantifies value that buyers get rewarded with for shopping or taking up an offer because of incentives.

The project is really promising and i know I'm not even doing it justice here but you can visit their website and read what they are upto www.RewardCoinToken.com
I bought 5,000 RWC for a small fraction of ether and i just read on their telegram channel that it will be listed in 3 exchanges next week for 2.5x its ICO price!

If only i had more ether i would've bought more of these coins. Although i do believe they are solving a real problem and i wish them all the best i just want a coin i can sell and make good money on the day of listing (i know this is not good practice and it hurts the project in the long term but I'm broke) and maybe when i make some good cash down the line i will buy more and HODL.

That said, you should checkout this project... They do have an affiliate program but I'm not posting my referral link here because I'm genuinely excited about this project. Check them out on twitter www.twitter.com/RewardToken


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thank you
But some can be bought by buying

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