GLOBAL RISK EXCHANGE (GRE) - Risk sharing by everyone, with everyone, for everyone

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Hello my dear friends of blockchain, here I am again with a great project, one of the first of its kind, very solid and very promising, which is called The Global Risk Exchange!!!

Technology is very useful for everyone, especially in the world of economy. The concept of economics has advanced rapidly now penetrated into the digital world. Even for a payment can be done with a digital currency we call cryptocurrencies. The growing cryptocurreny can be utilized for the benefit of everyone who is involved in it.

Do you now how many coins and tokens in the market? 1634 based on . Now you know. Do you know how many decentralised exchanges backed by blockchain? Common knowns about 53 without local exchanges. With non - succesful projects and locals there could be more and number are increasing day by day. Exchanges are an indispensable part of the blockchain and will continue to do so. Decentralized platforms will always need the exchanges to go on land and increase the value of their tokens. These two platforms together will move forward forever. Global Risk Exchange is one of the greates exchange ever. Why am I talking like this? Let's have a look at the project.

What is Global Risk Exchange?

Global Risk Exchange is a blockchain based, decentralized and open global risk exchange market, with the purpose of helping individuals, companies and organizations to access and trade and manage their risks. GRE completely reconstructed traditional risk management tools(insurance and derivative contracts) in a decentralized way, and will become the underlying operation system to support insurance and derivative transactions in the era of blockchain. GRE aims to build the infrastructure and trading platform for risk management industry in the blockchain driven world in the near future, by providing a fundamental protocol for the creation of risk events, pricing, trading, information collection and oracles to verdict specific risks. It will enable individuals and institutions around the globe to achieve risk and return equilibrium.


  • Decentralized Zero Threshold

  • Smart Contract

  • Replace Traditional Institutions

  • Primary and Secondary Financial Markets Enable Risk Pricing

  • Distributed Database Protect User Privacy




  • All risk management contract transactions on the GRE platform use RISK token as transaction intermediary, and the settlement of the contracts will use RISK as well.

  • Users in GRE platform will pay transaction fees using RISK token.

  • Any organization or individual can create a risk management contract on GRE platform after comunity review and obtain a transation volume based rewards.

  • The community will reward developers with RISK token based on their code contribution.

  • All individuals and organizations are able to share contracts on GRE platform and attract new customers to trade risk mangement contracts and they will receive a reward from transaction fee collected from the new customers they invite.

  • Exchange dealers on GRE platform can RISK as collateral to issue market pegged tokens, such as GRE. USD or GRE,CNY. This mechanism is similar to the BTS and BITUSD in the Bitshares ecosyetem.

So my friends, here we are again, what you gonna do? I really recommend you to join the ICO. Because I believe GRE will rock the blockchain and it will be one of the top 5 exchange. Do not miss this opportunity.

Thanks for reading. Until we meet again!




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it will be an important steering mechanism for the project to be based on exchange

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I love idea of Gre project . . With this project, you can definitely reduce your risk

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GRE is amazing and very profitable project. Thank you very much and congrats to the team and author..I can invest if I get high profit..what do you think?

Good article bro. I want to invest this project. Because , This team is very professional

It is a revolutionary project that will bring a new breath to the cryptocurrency exchanges. Good luck for ICO!

Thanks for the comment, I believe it will change the way of blockchains future.

It is a revolutionary project that will bring a new breath to the cryptocurrency exchanges.

GRE completely reconstructed traditional risk management tools in a decentralized way, and will become the underlying operation system to support insurance and derivative industry in the era of blockchain.

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