Announcing: Eloplay token sale campaign

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Today we are excited to announce the Token Sale for Eloplay. Eloplay is an online platform allowing eSports players at every level to compete for major prize pools.

We are thrilled to take Eloplay to the next level with its own token — ELT.

In the following days and weeks we’ll be sharing a description of our product, our business plan, a look into the eSports industry and full details of the upcoming token sale, which is scheduled for October 16th.

But first — how Eloplay is changing the growing eSports industry.

The Product & Token

Today, global brands and game developers hold major tournaments with millions of dollars in prizes, where only the top players can compete. This leaves millions of casual gamers with no chance to compete for major prizes, place bets on their favorite teams, or on their own games for that matter.

Eloplay presents a game changer — any player and team can now challenge each other for major prize pools, which gathered from participants entry fees. Leveraging smart contracts technology, these ‘’Smart Tournaments’’ allow players and brands to organize eSports tournaments of any scale, using the Eloplay Tokens as the prize pool.

With Eloplay Token, players and teams will be able to compete for prizes pools which will be distributed after the tournament ends using the Eloplay tokens.

  • 90% are distributed among tournament winners;

  • 8% are paid as a bonus to the organizing player;

  • 2% go to Eloplay’s Long-term Bounty Fund.

Progress and Plans

The Eloplay team have organized and brought the project to life in 18 months. Eloplay is an already flourishing operational eSports platform with 90,000 registered users and 80,000 finished battles. Eloplay has already hosted 3,500 one-on-one & team tournaments. Additionally, over that 18 months we have already rewarded player for tournaments with overall prize pools of $10K. We look forward to seeing the engagement trend continue to rise.

The next stage is to raise funds with a Token Sale to expand the platform’s audience, add new games and consoles, and run extended advertising campaigns in order to reach new markets in the EU, US, and China.

Eloplay Token holders can:

  1. Organize Tournaments: using tokens as rewards for eSport Smart Tournaments.

  2. Place Ads: brands can offer their goods and services to eSports audiences.

  3. Sell Tokens on the exchange: tokens will be listed on the exchanges and can be sold immediately.

Eloplay is a working platform ready for global breakthrough!


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