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I am not saying it's bad idea actually it is very good and I like it, but there are always but.

1. Trading possibilities with ETH and BTC.

Team says that there will be possible to trade stocks directly with BTC and ETH, so why do I need LATokens, it's similar with ICN when I released that I can by ICNX (now it have different name) only with BTC and ETH not ICN, I sold them all.

2. LATBT usage.

LATBT:LAT will always be 1: 3000
Now imagine that you Tokenize your home and it costs 10 000 at that time LAT price is 0.1$ that means that You have 33 LATBT. Now after time your home triples in price that means that your home now costs 100LATBT what makes it worse is that LAT price went up to 2$ per LAT now You need 600 000$ to buy it back.
Even if company sells it in auction they still need 570 000 to cover loses.

What does it mean for LAToken buyer, it means that company interest is to keep price same in all costs.
**What does it mean for potential home owner huge risk even worse than mortgage, now where you can find one who wants to sell home fractions with rules like these **

3. Antiques

I own a retro bicycle made before WWII, in my country it costs 2500EUR, but it's attached to this area because if I will bring it out it will cost nothing. So If I tokenize it here then bring out from country vendor it to another vendor who is approved by LAToken company I can by it back a lot cheaper.

P.S. The idea is very good even Bitfury owner Valery Vavilov said that buying and selling assets in fractions is future.


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banned in the u.s smh


Show me the ICO who is not banned in USA and Singapore soon in China as well.