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Hi SteemIT!
On October 16th, the pre-ICO began on our website ico.echat.io. We decided to run a blog here about e-Chat, how it is developed and for what reason.

First let’s get acquainted.

What is e-Chat?

e-Chat is the first decentralized multitask messenger. It combines all the advantages of classic instant messengers, but also has a number of features, the implementation of which became possible only thanks to the blockchain technology.

The specific features of our messenger are:

  • decentralized system for personal data protection;
  • multi-currency wallet built-in the messenger;
  • completely new experience of interaction with content
  • Why did we decide to create e-Chat?

    Now we can observe that at the request of state authorities, messengers decide what data can or cannot be exchanged. Even if the company refuses to provide such data, they can always be received using force, because all your correspondence and content on social networks are stored on physical storage media (servers) under the control of a particular country.

    Decentralization is the solution to this problem. As the developers say, e-Chat provides a unique protection system for its users. In order to implement it, we used technologies such as IPFS, P2P, and blockchain.


    What else?
    e-Chat team decided not to stop at the achieved results, therefore we built a multi-currency wallet inside the messenger. All of us observed how the cryptocurrency market increased more than 7 times from $12 billion up to $90 billion this year, while the mobile payments market in 2017 amounted to $780,000,000,000 which shows their relevance for a modern messenger. With the help of e-Chat, you can make instant transactions to your friends, pay for online and offline services, as well as payment for the services in the internal messenger ecosystem.

    Steemit users already know how to receive a monetary reward for quality content. However, due to the completely different experience of using instant messengers, the news feed in e-Chat is focused on photo and video content. Having the opportunity to receive funds directly from the audience, the blogger no longer needs to make sponsorship posts, while a follower can make his/her like not only more visible, but also useful!


    Already working application

    e-Chat is one of the few projects starting ICO with an already working product. At the moment, you can download the alpha version of the app on Google Play and App Store !


    On October 16th, e-Chat pre-ICO began, which will last until November 15th. During this period, you can purchase ECHT tokens with a 30% bonus (1 ECHT = 0.7 USD).




    We will be pleased to receive your opinions and comments on our product. We believe that together we will create an excellent product!

    Subscribe to our blog to not miss the new materials, since soon we will expose you to the core ideas we had in mind when creating e-Chat!

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    Honestly project is great but again more honestly seeing your potentia, I think you don't need to ICO. Just go on your own and Mark Zuckerberg will buy your project it's pretty simple right 😉


    It's not an easy to create the revolutionary product. But we are going to do it in any case. Thanks for your vision


    Best of Lucks for your effort 👍


    Thanks so much

    Saved to check on this later.

    Very interesting the 15th November timeframe though...


    You are welcome
    we ll show you the results of pre-ICO by the end of our pre-ICO


    I am curious to know and experiment it... =) will be watching.


    Thank you @forykw we won't let you down.

    Cool. I'm interested in the progress and how the alpha works! Nice job.


    Thank you

    yeahhh i like ..e-chat --- good job tigers!!!!!!


    Thank you.
    Join us

    It looks great.


    you are welcome to test our app

    Why is there no push to create an actual social media platform from the beginning though? By your own model it appears storage would be a premium. So even if your road map implements the paid bloggers element. I see that existing as a very small niche. Costly to begin with, then possibly beneficial to those who dedicate themselves.

    The only product I see is chat, with the bonus of currency transfers. Such a model could easily be implemented into the existing chat apps. Making your app less appealing. Thus crashing the token value.

    However if you were to present a complete alternative for the user to migrate away from the current big players, then that would truly see mass adoption.

    I also want to know how you plan on making this a reality:

    Changing the appearance for video calls and online broadcasts based on neural networks

    What do you mean by neural networks?
    Your white paper has nothing which expands on this.
    Is it just a fancy way of saying 'video calls with filters' ?

    I'm not convinced this has potential.
    IT IS a great idea. However, if you are building and have already in motion the system.. you really have to disrupt the industry to make a difference and make it in the game of social.
    You need to "Grab them by the p***y!" said a great disrupter!

    In reality though it's not as simple as it seems.
    Steemit should be testament to that.
    A great idea, as a solid alternative, but still finding it difficult.

    I do wish you luck and will keep watching.
    As pessimistic as I might seem.
    I'll get in too when I believe in something.


    Hello, thank you for your interest.
    neural networks will recognize your face and place a mask. It's not an easy development stage. But it will be in the future, after our basic permissions.

    Good information for me...


    You are welcome

    Hey pm me @lucario23

    Messaging and sending money is an obvious match

    I like this, sounds like a replacement for whatsapp


    Study our Whitepaper to know more
    good luck


    Ok I will


    If you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time

    genial ese chat

    Very good post sir


    Welcome and enjoy.
    wish you a good day

    It's free, cross-platform,multi-crypto, and with this type of encryption; privacy is almost guaranteed, what's not to love?


    Don't forget about cryptolike. It's unique option

    in my opinion it is very nice work ....


    It's only alpha version of our app. We will bring you the best product, be sure

    This might have spectacular impact @e-chat-ico. All the best in development!


    Eah...our goals are global!
    Thank you for your trust.

    Good one 💪

    I am always on the side. i already upvoted.. follow me: @akhterhossain

    Thanks for share this messenger


    it's a revolutionary product.


    I know....i invite you to my blog as your wish


    doe it like whatsapp?

    plz visit my blog

    This is great, I'll be monitoring the progress. I've downloaded the app


    Thank you. Feel free to study our project


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