RPX - Red Pulse Token will be the first ICO to run on NEOContract System

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In the recent INC report, NEO (Previously ANTSHARES) is now a TOP 10 Cryptocurrency and is creating smart contracts. The first ICO to run on NEOContract system is Red Pulse.

From the Whitepaper:

Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets. By
creating a global community around a common interest, incentivizing participants to produce
truly relevant research, and providing technology-enabled analysis tools, Red Pulse seeks to solve
the problem that all of us face today: Information Overload.

The Red Pulse Team appears very strong with Hongfei Da (FOUNDER of NEO) and Tony Tao (NEO Secretary General) as Company Advisor.

Partners supporting Red Pulse Token includes NEO, Accenture, OnChain, Binance.

Red Pulse has made a lot much progress for the past 2 years and have already released the iOS mobile app (bilingual - Chinese and English).

It made Partnership and integration with Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, and FactSet financial terminals.

Overall, with my research and understanding, I can say that the RPX ICO is going to be huge success with great support from NEO and Binance.

Links for more information about RED PULSE Crowdsale:

Crowdsale Page: https://coin.red-pulse.com
Whitepaper: https://coin.red-pulse.com/wp-content/uploads/redpulse-whitepaper-en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/red_pulse_china


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Thanks for the good info


I will be writing more CRYPTO , ALTS, ICO posts soon.
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How can we participate now missed the sign in

nice post


Thanks for the support!

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Excellent ! Appears to be a financial version of steem with a ripple like coin as content incentive ! Already 60,000 sign up to receive & contribute / participate ! A string of mainstream financial media / brokerage finance companies involved , I guess by infosharing ! Looks really awesome ! This volunteer be huge !

give you vote in all post and follow then same for me

Will you generate more tokens by Hodling RPX ? (similar to holding NEO)


Yes! there will be.
The Whitepaper clearly states:
The supply of RPX will increase over time, with each RPX mining at a rate of 10% per year using the NEO blockchain consensus algorithm.

Thanks for the information. For the crowdsales, might be a stupid questions but is the presales page legit? None of the url's/links in header etc seem to be working for ones?? Obviously interested in this project.



NOTE! Found out that this is a FAKE site through the official twitter channel.


I'm glad you were able to catch that before sending anything to the fake site. We did what we could to take the site down and alert our community as quickly as possible. I apologize we didn't get to it sooner.

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Nice blog. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I found that running a business depends on having enough money to run the business but definitely not to much. We give this icos to much money so they are less intended to do an amazing job, they don't have to work to become a profitable business because in their eyes they are already. Besides coinmarketcap.com there is: https://www.coincheckup.com The best crypto analysis site by far. Complete in depth investment analysis.

I'm one of the advisors on the team. Thanks for your support. Be sure to check out the website again, as we just released more details on the ICO: https://coin.red-pulse.com/


Will you generate more tokens by Hodling RPX ? (similar to holding NEO)


Yes, but only for RPX being held by the user on our Red Pulse platform. This is from section 7.2 of our whitepaper:

"The supply of RPX will increase over time, with each RPX mining at a rate of 10% per year using the NEO blockchain consensus algorithm. Half of this is distributed proportionally to current holders of RPX on the Red Pulse platform as a holding yield, while the other half is used to provide payment to content producers on the platform. RPX held “off the platform” in wallets, exchanges, and other locations, will not receive the holding yield to help offset the effects of the annual inflation."

Let me know if you have any other questions, or reach out to a team member directly on our Slack (coin.red-pulse.com/slack).


How many tokens will be released and what is the max supply?


Max supply will depend on the price of NEO 1 hour before the ICO. We have a standard rate of 1,000 RPX for 1 NEO (in addition to the bonuses at each stage). However, we'll be using the price of NEO 1 hour before the ICO to determine how much NEO we will accept until we reach the USD 15 million cap on the ICO.


Please share the new Slack invite, one on your website has expired, I will share the same with others.


Indeed! I have my eyes on the crowdsale page day and night!
I am a big fan of NEO and Da and super excited about the RPX crowd sale. However, as a QQ, is there gonna be a pre-ico sale for $RPX?