Bitcoin Is A Confidence Game !!!!

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Bitcoin is a confident game, utility tokens are great but legally challenging, security tokens are going to be huge..


The above chart provides an easy way to think about three types of cryptocurrency.

On the currency side, while bitcoin is a crypto in payment, but its cost is very low with bitcoin currency applications, and all do it with a price shop. Therefore, bitcoin values ​​are a self-confidence game just like all stores. With other qualities, the value of high bidder increases, the more confidence becomes the investor, which is another factor in running the bubble.
After being used as a value shop for thousands of years, it is easy to believe in gold as the price of gold (hence the total market cap of the rocks is $ 75 billion versus bitrateine ​​vs. 7 trillion dollars in value More is stocking). I believe that Bitcoin will continue to get the share of value storage. I'm a holder

Utility tokens like Civic that provide digital good in exchange for tokens (in case of Civic they provide tools to identify and identify businesses and individuals) is an exciting way to fuel the ecosystem.
However, in SAFT White Paper published by the Coleman and Protocol Labs last week, the headline of a whole section is "There is more chance of passing pre-functional utility token sales the yesy test", which SEC thinks is another way. Give them a safety. Therefore, they offer SAFT as a tool to solve this risk.
There are three types of token security tokens, which are similar to stocks, because they express the interests of ownership. The good thing about security tokens is that they are liquid (assuming there is someone who wants to buy them and the security laws are addressed), and companies can raise the capital / ICO to reach the global investor base Are there.Although most of the ICO's date has been utility token, because security tokens have large scale advantages of generating traditional capital, I think total market cap of all security tokens will be bigger than the total market cap of all utility tokens.

What do you think??


CVC is a good coin. Now in reversal mod at 1749 SAT

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