KaratGold Coin (KBC) - Do we need a Multi-Level-Marketing SCAM on blockchain? (ENGLISH/中文 )

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The short answer is "No" we don't need more scam coins.

However, the good folks behind Karatbars International respectfully disagree and launched an ICO to raise 72 MILLION US DOLLARS worth of KBC (and sometimes called KGC) tokens.
Source: KaratBank's Whitepaper

It's unclear exactly how much the project raised to date, but we know it was spearheaded by Harald Seiz, German born financial consultant commonly referred to as- guy in the room with the coolest pocket squares. You might remember him as the creator the Multi-Level-Marketing (Ponzi) scheme involving cards with pieces a gold attached to them and a Singapore based company called KaratBank.

This coincidentally pyramid-like structure explains how to recruit others to work, while you collect passive commission based income!

Source: http://behindmlm.com/companies/karatbars-international-review-gold-and-recruitment/

Multi-Level-Marketing ploy aside, lets get into the actual KaratGold Coin ERC-20 tokens and their formula for valuing their tokens:

According to their whitepaper; "The KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to physically deposited gold in the form of the so-called CashGold. A certain number of KaratGold Coins can be exchanged for the appropriate amount of CashGold at any time."

What is CashGold?

CashGold are basically cards/notes containing 1-6 grams of gold on it. The concept of attaching gold to paper media, calling it an "international payment means.." then selling it for 43% over it's fair market value isn't necessarily a bad concept. Marketing schemes aside, buyers should simply be aware of what they're purchasing and that the value of attaching gold to paper may not translate to actual asset appreciation.

If I buy tokens will I be able to actually exchange them for CashGold products??

Maybe, but probably not.

Further down in their whitepaper it's explained that, "There is no guarantee that users can acquire sufficient KaratGold Coin for their usage within the KaratGold Coin Ecosystem and external platforms and neither is there a guarantee that users can cash out their KaratGold Coin via external platforms. Furthermore, every KaratGold Coin holder naturally carries the risk of volatile exchange rate fluctuations of the KaratGold Coin towards both other cryptocurrencies and Fiat money exchange rates."


Although, the website claims to have it's tokens already listed on HitBTC & YObit.net, (they aren't) they have yet to establish the pricing of their tokens. This means, outside of spit-balling a "4%" figure in a video, Harald Seiz and his cronies haven't established an actual parity value to exchange their tokens for GoldCash, in order to avoid the risk of incurring a loss in the exchange.

Ok, but at least KaratGold Coins are tethered to the value of CashGold in some way...

Another resounding NO. Detailed in on pg. 13, section 2.3.4 of their whitepaper it states, "The KaratGold Coin is a speculative coin. Although the proceeds from the sale of the KaratGold Coin shall mainly
be used for the purchase of CashGold, the KaratGold Coin is not pegged to the purchased CashGold. Therefore, the
development of the value of the KaratGold Coin is not related to the CashGold. A total loss of the money invested
in the KaratGold Coin cannot be excluded."
This basically identifies that whatever the value of their token becomes, it wont be related to the value of their gold products.

So if they aren't pegged to ANY of their gold products including CashGold, how can these tokens have value?

This is where it gets very interesting:

In a video titled, "Next steps for KaratGold" Mr. Seiz begins making bold (totally unfounded) claims regarding KBC coins.

What does he say?

  • "KBC Coins are currently backed up coin with 4% gold. 120 kilo altogether stored in high security safe in next 2 weeks and will be certified by an international law firm."
    Mr. Seiz claims to have 1/12 of a metric of gold stashed just out of legal audit-able reach, but lets hold our breath that it will be here next week sometime...

  • "A joint venture agreement has been signed between KaratGold Corporation and Gazelle Corporate Capital AG about the mine in Madagascar. 900 million was found and certified."
    As it turns out "Gazelle Corporate Capital AG" or GCC, is an exploratory mining and mineral venture for lime, limestone and marble minerals, NOT GOLD and has no published association with any KaratGold/Bank entity. I would presume his undisclosed "venture agreement" is also fabricated Also, the mine referred to is Fort Dauhpin and it's the one included in a regional, general audit on their website. However, the mine is currently involved in litigation with multiple parties which include QIT Madagascar mining, an Australian investment group and a regional tribal government. None of the entailed parties include a Mr. Harald Seiz or associates.

  • "Acquired a fully licensed bank called “Karat Coin Bank” in Miami. Fully operational by mid-June. We own one of the world’s first crypto banks with a full license."
    Another vague statement that a simple inquiry into the corporate name “Karat Coin Bank” with the Florida Corporate Commission that appeared as non-existence, or even anything with a similar brand. The addresses provided also redirect to non-existent locations.

  • "We’ll work from now on with 3 of the largest gold traders in Asia, with sales of several hundred million a day." & "In the future we will use our KaratGold Coin for gold transactions as a currency. This week we will be listed on Hit BTC one of the biggest exchanges worldwide. And we will also get Binance onboard."
    Likely false & completely false. With ZERO evidence of a gold reserve or published ownership rights to ANY mineral findings, there probably isn't going to be a lot of trading going on. As far as HitBTC, a simple jaunt over to their site (https://hitbtc.com/) will turn up NO KaratGold Coins listed available for exchange.

In Summary

I highly advise anyone interested in this identifiably value-less token, attached to a MLM scheme to do their own research before purchasing. Literally all the evidence presented as to the value of this token and any other claims are completely unfounded and have been presented soley by Mr. Seiz and his organization via his website and videos. All claims being presented with ZERO corroborating documents that establish ANY ownership or metric of physical reserve security.

Does that mean you shouldn't buy it in the hopes that it might listed to an exchange one day and you could dump it immediately?


But, if a clueless exchange DOES decides to list it one day, I'd highly recommend liquidating this and any token tied to non-existent reserve assets IMMEDIATELY.



anothr useless review with no fact checking at all. All that you said that was not true is now. Harald Seiz always gives a time frame for when things will happen. Get the facts then write something.

Yes, a well written post, but the fact that his facts are no longer facts means, um.

Begingold, Which specific points are you disputing?

....but they're on yobit, coinbe, hitbtc and consumer exchanges and are opening their own exchange in late Sept or Oct. of '18. Sept 07, 100-120kg of gold from the madagascar mine with be deposited in the vaulting hong Kong. Unless all of this is a lie.

There have been plenty of "shitcoins" listed on public exchanges. Unfortunately, that means nothing these days.

this is fake news.
karatbars pays out 5% commissions no matter what package you have.
This isn't a pyramid scheme.

also, KBC will fork to KNC in October 2019. The main net will also boast SHA-512 encryption with their blockchain smartphone ecosystem.

Backing a crypto currency with gold is an oxymoron according to Max Keiser and I tend to agree. It makes no sense to back a cryptocurrency (which in essence is all about being trustless) with something or someone you have to trust.

You simply destroy one of the key benefits and strengths of blockchain in that it is provable and immutable.


Agree or disagree?

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