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Blockchain technology continues to be implemented in different areas of our lives and of course it could not ignore the catering industry. The number of restaurants and cafes is constantly growing but not everyone is able to provide quality service to their customers. It is difficult for small businesses to compete with large network companies, they can not also attract customers because of the small budget for marketing. And large companies can not always offer an interesting loyalty system for their customers. Resto project plans to solve these problems using its blockchain-based platform.

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Resto is a decentralized system that allows users to access all Resto Loyalty Platform services. Here you can get a RestoTokens bonus from a business partner, get coins or even transfer to other RLP users. This app provides links and recommendations for restaurant selection by applying a geolocation and evaluation system.

Resto is not just a simple and practical loyalty program, but also a cross - functional marketing platform, an additional source of income, unique and free competitive advantages in the hospitality industry. In addition, Resto is a huge potential portfolio of clients with broad goals, based on different characteristics of the client, from average costs to geotargeting and taste preferences. The Resto platform is integrated into the most important recovery system. All marketing initiatives and profit costs can be easily achieved in just a few clicks. Resto marketing allows you to use the most innovative tools to improve the quality of service, such as customer returns, loyalty and average incentives and surveys. Thanks to the Mobile Application Resto CRM and Restore you can maximize all the information about the efficiency of their business to improve their services and to communicate with their consumers.

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Resto wallet is based on Ethereum blockchain technology platform. Because transactions are verified by the Ethereum network, the Resto loyalty platform can guarantee the security of the relevant transactions without intermediaries or centralized server intervention. The blockchain technology provides a secure and decentralized transparency of the process. Each process can be viewed by the user at any time in one of the best. For this reason, both rlps and foodservice operators are protected under common control, making fraudulent both parties impossible. The Resto wallet app is available for Android and IOS. To log in, new users of Resto Wallet can create their personal accounts in the app by uploading their personal accounts through a web portal or mobile devices. Sounds good, doesn't it? Then let's make our future more comfortable, join the Resto!


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ICO details

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